Style: Stripy Sunday

I can’t be the only person to co-ordinate my outfits with my baby’s?

Our favourite to match (OK, my favourite) is blue and white stripes and we also have matching American Apparel hoodies. It’s bad. She’ll hate me when she’s older.

Our Sunday mood was almost ruined by a faceplanting incident, but she got over it with some hugs and toys. Look how cute she still is, even when she’s howling. Her cuteness really is supernatural.

A Family Wedding

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have so many people tell you how perfect your child is at an occasion like a wedding.

Will’s little sister got married last friday and it was an extra special occasion as he was walking her down the aisle. Elfie had a bit of a terrified moment with all the applause at the speeches (although I think her tears were because she’d just seen a preview of what her future wedding day speech will be like) but spent the rest of the day happy and content.

She obviously looked beautiful (she was wearing a gorgeous bubble dress by Their Nibs from Felix and Lilys in Camden Passage, N1). Her behaviour was very good considering the long day; we got up at 5.30am and her grandparents took her back to our hotel at 11pm so mummy and daddy could enjoy the wedding DJ and drink shots of Elderflower Vodka.

One woman said to me ‘your baby makes my womb hurt’. Er, thanks.

Elfie slept through all the boring bits and woke up just as the ceremony started. She belched halfway through… that’s my girl.

She fell asleep mid-wedding disco but was woken up by the first dance. I put her in the BabyBjorn and danced her back off to sleep (I now have thighs of steel from all the bouncing in high heels).

We made our way back to our hotel at Shoreditch House for 1am, but stopped off for a nightcap of prosecco and cocktails first. Impressively I was up with baby the next morning for a rooftop swim (she did not like it). I am wearing my glasses here because Will drank my contacts the night before.

I haven’t let him forget about it since.

Happy Birthday, Will!

My husband’s birthday last weekend was everything a good birthday should be: friends, a full wine rack, food, babies, go karting and Eurovision.

A birthday treat to himself was a membership to The Wine Society. Our wine rack couldn’t hold three cases of wine, so we had to get a new one. Then there were spaces in the rack so we had to buy more wine. You get the picture: we have a lot of wine right now.

I’m not sure there is more of a decadent starter than steamed asparagus and homemade hollandaise (recipe will follow when I drag my face from the mixing bowl. So good).

This is Rupert. Rupert’s a fan of my hollandaise.

The gorgeous Sea Bass main course was cooked by the Birthday Boy as his wife was drunk and too absorbed in Eurovision to spend 30 minutes in the kitchen.

There is nothing like a massive load of cheese for breakfast to get over a hangover.

Stilton. Red onion marmalade. Bliss.

Even Elfie got involved (Organix cheesy wheat puffs). Let’s ignore the fact she’s still in her pyjamas at midday.

Basically it was an amazing weekend but hangovers continue to increase in their brutality. Will it ever end?

Elfie at 10 months

This weekend was Elfie’s 10 month birthday, and I am so proud of the amazing little person she is turning into. It’s no secret that I found the first portion of motherhood pretty hard, especially with the health issues she experienced. They’re still ongoing (the health stuff, not the finding motherhood hard bit!) but we’re able to cope now and we have the bonus support of Elfie’s Grannie and Grumpy around the corner from us now.

You can take Elfie anywhere and she will be happy. I don’t know how long this will last; she will smile and wave at everyone, eat her food nicely and sleep when she’s tired. People adore her.

She will play with paper for hours. Loves it. When we moved house I left her with a piece of masking tape for an hour and a half and she didn’t make a peep.

Moving house with her at this age was hard though my mum happily looked after her all day. It’s so great to be in a bigger space with her and to have real family time.

Bathtime is always really special, and immediately afterwards we always have fun in front of the mirror as Elfie catches sight of herself and waves like a crazy person.

She adores her food and has yet to refuse anything. When she was smaller her co-ordination wasn’t up to par which put paid to my plans for baby-led weaning, but now she’s caught up she loves to feed herself. Favourites are broccoli, marmite or avocado on toast, spelt biscuits and breadsticks.

She is so very beautiful. You can’t take a bad photograph of her. She’s stunning.

It does give me a case of the mothering guilts but she is happy to watch CBeebies on her own for half an hour which gives me a chance to power through jobs. This is getting increasingly difficult as she cries often when I leave the room (I secretly like this), but Chuggington keeps her happy for a while.

Independent play! Now she can sit up, Elfie can play on her own. I think it’s really important to teach her as early as possibly how to amuse herself and she’s doing very well with it so far.

I cant believe we will have a one year old little girl in 2 months. Where has the time gone?

A Royal Wedding Move

You probably noticed that I didn’t write anything about the Royal Wedding. OK. Maybe you didn’t, but I did.

When I was a little girl I used to think I actually had a chance of getting married to Prince William. Every little girl wants to marry a Prince and I used to think it could be me. Really. I’m not sure how down he would have been with me working at VICE, the binge drinking and my strop habit, but still in my 12 year old mind I totally could have been Kate.

But the biggest reason why I was absent from my beloved television last Friday was this: I MOVED HOUSE. I wouldn’t call myself a royalist (though I probably am, I bloody love the royals) and I was really excited about the wedding of the century, but for some reason I booked in our move for that day. It seemed logical at the time and in all fairness the M1 was a dream, but really, what was I thinking?!

I saw Kate emerging from the Goring and walking halfway down the aisle (the removal men finished, I had to leave), and then we paused for the first kiss on the balcony (lunchtime, bacon sandwiches). Aside from that my royal wedding exposure was confined to the radio. In a nutshell: waaaah wah wah. I was sad.

And on to the move. Why is it that you always have more stuff than you remember?

We had crates of it. And it was EVERYWHERE.

It didn’t help that we’ve downgraded from a three bedroom place to two bedrooms, i.e. we no longer have a room solely for ‘miscellaneous crap’.  But my work for IKEA has paid for itself in storage tips. Most useful contract ever, basically.

Here’s the kitchen ‘before’ shot right before the removal men arrived. I’m sure the ‘after’ will follow roughly 3 months from now.

This herb drawer is crying out from my OCD tendancies.


The first morning family cuddle.

Elfie, about to check out the new neighborhood:


So far, so good.

So far, no broadband (iPhone tethering FTW).