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Home Tour: Our Village Bungalow

April 18, 2017
home tour bungalow - living space

There’s nothing I love more than a good snoop around other peoples’ homes, so I’m delighted to start a season of house tours, right here on the blog. I’ve hunted down my favourite homes and chatted to their inhabitants about how they live their with their families. It’s a dream for a Nosey Parker like me!  Kicking off the series I decided to begin with my own home, which we moved to in December of last year… The hallway and…

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My Becoming

May 13, 2016
Becoming Laura Jane Williams

One of my very favourite quotes in Lena Dunham’s girls is when Hannah explains why she’s short on time: “I have work, then a dinner thing, then I am busy trying to become who I am” Because that is how I have felt, ever since I split up with the person I thought was the love of my life 3 years ago. I am busy trying to become who I am. You see, I used to think personal development was…

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Losing Your Spark (Then Finding It Again)

April 14, 2016

This winter was a bit strange for me. I felt metaphorically stuck. Bogged down, heavy, tired. I was lacking drive and confidence at work, my get up and go had left the building: when you’re a mum you usually have LOTS of get up and go. It was in all aspects of my life – my clothes always looked crap, work felt rubbish, I was dropping balls all over the place, couldn’t be arsed for the gym and my usual…

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Life Motherhood Work

Mums: Why Are We So Hard On Ourselves?

February 12, 2016
does divorce turn you into a commitment-phobe

On Monday night I did not sleep well. The wind was howling away at our windows, which meant Elfie, who’s a light sleeper when there’s background noises, spent the night shouting out in her sleep. It used to be alarming but it’s now generally pure comedy: she says the funniest things in her sleep and is always SO cross – “NO HUX, THE LEGO IS MINE!!!” – but it doesn’t half keep me awake. I had that kind of sleep…

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Life Work

Going Balls To The Wall, Learning How To Fail and Other Life Lessons From Thailand

June 28, 2015

I‘m going to start this story with another story, which is surely how all the best stories begin. When I went to Thailand a couple of months ago I had the absolute pleasure of crossing paths with Laura, someone I’d known on Twitter for yonks and yonks. We’d be in Bangkok for 24 hours at the same time and had never managed to meet up in London so we agreed to hang out on the other side of the world.…

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Life Me Work

A Catch-Up Mind Dump. You’re Welcome.

October 12, 2014

The thing about sharing your life a couple of times a week through your computer is that if something happens and you’re unable to do it for a while it just becomes harder and harder to get back on to it. Your list of ‘things I want to tell that bunch of virtual strangers’ becomes almost insurmountable as you try to prioritise exactly which recent life event you want to broadcast first. Cos I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited…

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Confessions Of A Teenage Mother (Kind Of)

April 25, 2014

My lovely friend Alison from The Motherhood wrote a piece recently that really resonated with me. She says that she spends a lot of her time amazed that she’s a grown-up, and even more that she’s a mother. I nodded my way through all this because I have a confession to make: for the last ten years I have been pretending to be an adult. I might have turned 18, I might be driving a car, boozing it up and…

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Single Life

Single Mum Dating: The Elephant In The Room

March 7, 2014

Dating is so hard at this age, with this much baggage. Most 28 year olds are just getting into their careers, travelling, enjoying time with their friends; not juggling full-time single parenting of two small people with a demanding full-time job and an ex-husband. The online dating profile does not exactly write itself, am I right? There is a reason you are usually part of a couple when you have kids. There’s someone else to share the pure torture of…

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Single Life

A Week Of Reluctant Freedom

January 3, 2014

I know my friends give me a lot of kudos for being a single parent, and yeah it can be hard work. The relentlessness of it all can really get to me at times (how long are these pre-school holidays?!), and  if you throw in two concurrent illnesses that render you all housebound for a week and therefore full of cabin fever, well that’s a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. But there is one fact of single parenting that people don’t…

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Single Life

The Truth About Divorce

August 5, 2013

All the things I’ve written about my separation so far have mostly been positive. Divorce isn’t easy, of course it isn’t, but for the most part for Will and I it seemed the right thing for us and we were able to remain mostly happy. This doesn’t mean I don’t have some bad times. When we first separated my initial feeling was relief and peace. The decision removed so much stress, pressure and unhappiness for the both of us and…

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Single Life

Single Mum Dating: The Beginning

July 19, 2013

Dating as a single parent is a weird experience. Before I was ‘back on the market’ (a phrase that makes me feel like a house. Or a cow) I hadn’t been on a date in ten years, and even then all my dating was as a teen to the cinema or a bowling alley. I kind of expected it to be just like it is in Sex and The City (spoiler: it isn’t. Thanks SJP for shattering my dreams). I…

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