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leftover veg hash

MTT: Leftover Veg Hash with Raita and an Egg

Winter is most definitely the season for leftover vegetables in this house. Summer is salads, winter is Tuppaware containers of cabbage, carrots and sprouts waiting in the fridge to be creatively used.
But ‘leftover veg’ and ‘creatively used’ are two concepts that are usually mutually exclusive.


MTT: Wedge Salad

If I get married again I would like it to be to Phil Dunphy. Seriously, the man is a) handsome b) hilarious and c) Phil Dunphy. I don’t understand why you would need anything else in a man, except perhaps for him not to be a character in a sitcom. Oops.

Mushrooms, Spinach and Egg on toast

MTT: Spinach, Mushrooms and Egg

After my last Stuff On Toast post my mum sent me a text message saying “OMG Alice, I’ve been making scrambled eggs wrong for the last 40 years!” (though she probably didn’t say OMG as she is part of the generation that thinks LOL means Lots Of Love) So I have decided to dedicate this recipe to her, as she originally taught me about the brilliant combination of spinac

Scrambled Egg on Toast

MTT: Perfect Scrambled Eggs

When Hux was first born I used to cook quite a lot. Now, before you give birth, one of the bits of advice you always read is to make sure you have loads of prepared food in your freezer, ready to turn into easy and delicious meals.

Roast sweet potatoes

MTT: Mackerel, Beetroot and Sweet Potato Salad

Sometimes Will works away during the week, and whilst I miss him when he’s not at home I use the opportunity to indulge in my favourite faux-single gal activities. Because I am cool and hip these often include cleaning until the whole house smells bleachy, watching crap TV like The Real Housewives of The OC/NYC and eating food for dinner that Will doesn’t like.


MTT: Goats Cheese and Caramelised Onion Tart

One of the worst things about pregnancy is that looong list of things you can and can’t eat and the grey area that surrounds whether or not you can eat so many different types of food. For every happy barbecue eating preggo (me) there will be another espousing the dangers of eating meat cooked outside on a gas grill.

Watermelon, feta and courgette salad

MTT: Three Ways with Feta

Here’s the thing about this stage of pregnancy: I’m constantly nauseous, a feeling that goes away when I eat, but the thought of food makes me heave. This makes ingesting nutrition a little hard and I have found myself on more than one occasion scoffing some unoffensive HulaHoops which is the only thing that helps with the nausea.