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2 Hour Roast Dinner

The 2 Hour Roast Dinner With OvenPride

What’s the best thing about the winter season?
For us a hearty roast dinner comes high on our list: the first one in October is a real event and I try and make it a regular occurrence, once a fortnight or so throughout the winter months.

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The Evolution Of A Living Space

One thing I’ve noticed in my rather limited experience of visiting men’s houses, is that they take an overall much more minimal approach to decorating than women do (or at least my friends and I!). Looking around now my home is stuffed full of interiors ‘stuff’: magazines, flowers, lamps, cushions, pictures…. some bloke’s houses look barely moved in to.

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Our New House: The Kitchen

So last week, I lied to you. Just a little. I told you that my new lounge was one of my favourite rooms in the house when actually I think the kitchen is.
It’s the room that I spend the most time in and is a completely different place compared with the old one.


Kitchen Cheat Sheet

As someone who is constantly Googling metric/Imperial conversions and cooking times I could not resist this Kitchen Cheat Sheet from Everest. If you go over to their site you can print off handy PDFs to attach to your fridge… though I think they’re lovely enough to frame for a bit of kitchen art.


A Fairy Light Update In The Kitchen

Although I love our kitchen the way it is now, I wanted to cutesy and warm it up a little bit. I’d seen Jen use some lovely fairy lights to decorate her kitchen shelves via her Instagram feed (I think from IKEA also) and thought they looked lovely, so filed the idea away in my mental ‘to do’ file.

Home Style

Interiors: The Kitchen

We all know that moving house is a pretty soul-destroying experience and as someone who can’t function properly unless her home is clean, clutter free and organized, for me it is a living hell. I hate not having my belongings in their places and boxes… urgh, don’t get me started on how unsightly millions of cardboard boxes are.