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An Instagram Birth Story

The very last pregnancy photo / trying to relax with Balamory
In my naive, blissed-out natural birth-planning state, labour was to go one way, and one way only. The labour niggles would begin, I’d take a paracetamol and get some sleep, take a bath, strap on my TENS machine if it all got a bit much and head into hospital.

Huxley Pregnancy

The Homecoming

We came home yesterday.
Let me tell you, a whole week in hospital on a hot, noisy maternity ward with your new baby really makes you think about and appreciate the small things. Especially when neither of you are ill so the stay seems kind of futile. I  tried to view it as extra healing time for me and extra bonding time with Hux, but I missed Elfie and our home so so much.


A Birth Story

Don’t worry – I haven’t secretly given birth over the weekend (though the contractions I’ve been having since I overdid it on the wedding dancefloor on Saturday night have been something else). As we’ve been making plans for this next birth I’ve enjoyed reminiscing about the experience I had with  Elfie.


Life with Elfie as a Poorly Baby

I‘ve been wanting to write about Elfie’s condition for a little while, to record what it’s like to live with a little one who has different needs to normal babies.
Elfie was born with a very very rare genetic condition.

Ill Elfie

Archived: Hospital Beds

I originally wrote this on 22nd October 2010, around the time Elfie was first diagnosed with her condition. It’s still hard for me to read; I feel a lot of guilt even though I logically know it wasn’t my fault she was so very poorly but the thought that we could have lost our little girl is unbearable.


….what now?

I started this blog really excited about the possibilities that lay ahead, and so pleased I’d have somewhere to write. Since then it hasn’t gone as planned as I have channeled most of my innermost thoughts into writing Digital Strategies and perfecting the art of getting up at 5.30am on a three glass of wine hangover.


Hospital Beds, part II

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk
Saturday and Sunday were great. It was so nice to be home, to have a glass of wine in front of the TV (my latest business idea: wine bars in hospitals). Proper food tasted amazing! On Monday morning we were back to the hospital for more blood tests.