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the monica cupboard

The Monica Cupboard

When the team from IKEA’s Live Lagom project came to see my house, I knew they’d want to poke around a bit. That was fine with me; as an obsessive cleaner and tidier (it’s a control thing) my house is, 90% of the time, ready to receive the queen. Well, you never know, do you?
But there is one dark space I was worried they’d want to delve in to.

small lounge makeover

Learning How To Live Lagom

Those Scandinavians really have this language game nailed. 
Hygge was most definitely the world’s (i.e. Pinterest’s) word of 2015: originating in Denmark it’s that lovely cuddly feeling that you get from candles, blankets, cushions and open fires. It reads wonderfully but if you try to pronounce it you may well sound like you’re trying to hock up phlegm.

small lounge makeover

A Small Lounge Makeover

I always thought interior design was something of a finite process. You had a room to decorate, picked a colour scheme, painted, bought cushions and BOOM – done.
But apparently that’s not how it works in my world.
I moved into this house two years ago as a ‘stopgap’.

Chocolate Hux
Single Life

The Divorced Home

Last night I told Hux off for ripping a page out of his book. He started crying, as you do when you’re a slightly guilty three year old, and buried his head in his pillow. He then sat up, looked and me and tearfully shouted “I want my daddy to take me home!”.
Oof. I was heart-broken.

IMG_4026 copy

The Evolution Of A Living Space

One thing I’ve noticed in my rather limited experience of visiting men’s houses, is that they take an overall much more minimal approach to decorating than women do (or at least my friends and I!). Looking around now my home is stuffed full of interiors ‘stuff’: magazines, flowers, lamps, cushions, pictures…. some bloke’s houses look barely moved in to.