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An Alternative Half Term

March 6, 2017
Alternative half term

Half term is a bit of a tricky one when you’re a working single mum. With the children at their dads’ for a few days I’m never quite sure which way to play it. On the one hand, half terms are one of the few chances I have at more than a couple of nights to myself, so it’s generally a great opportunity to have some down-time or get away. On the other, as a stretch of time with no…

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Half Term Happenings: South Bank

February 18, 2015

It’s half term: are you climbing the walls yet? I took a trip to South Bank in London a couple of weeks ago to seek out the best of the holiday activities this February to help us chase the boredom away. If you’ve never been here with your children before you really should – there’s a wonderful programme of events with activities from children 0+, so there’s really something for everyone! Here’s my pick of what’s going on at Southbank:…

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