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What It Took To Become A Gardener

I’ve tried my hand at gardening a good few times since moving to a house with a garden, ooh, 8 years ago. And it’s time for me to hold up my hands and say: it’s just not working for me right now.
It’s not that I don’t like the expanse of green that sits outside my back door – on the contrary I love it.


Eye Gunk, Sad Faces and Doggies

What do you do with two children who have conjunctivitis? Because I have no idea.
Ok, mine don’t have conjunctivitis but rather some other -itis (blepheritis?) which seems to be quite similar. Their eyes are swollen, sticky, itchy and look very uncomfortable indeed.


Gardening For Beginners

This weekend the sun came out! So our family, along with (probably) every single other family in the country, put our summer clothes on, dragged the patio furniture out of retirement and made Pimms. We stopped short of a Barbecue – only just – but did the other sunny Sunday activity beloved of people with outside space and kids. Gardening.