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Love + Dating

The One Where I See My Best Friend Get Married

When I got divorced I worried that I would stop believing in marriage. I remember going to my cousin’s wedding soon after the split, concerned that I’d be all cynical and jaded about love. But I totally wasn’t – with Elfie as flower girl and a bow-tie on my date (Hux) it was a really amazing day and I went home excited and happy for my cousin and her new husband.

Peppa Pig Phone

How To Be Inspired (And Frugal)

The internet has brought a lot of good things my way since I bought my first computer 13 years ago. Pinterest, a career, many dates, an online shopping habit. I have a lot to thank Tim Berners-Lee (and ASOS) for.

Elfie Life

A Christmas Girly Day Out

I realised something the other day when I was scanning through iPhoto. Since I separated from my ex-husband at the beginning of the year I have barely taken any photographs with my DSLR. It’s all been Instagram, VSCO cam-filtered pictures that are all vintage-y and trendy.
I can’t quite work out why that is.

Single Life

The 28th Birthday

You could say my 27th year of life wasn’t the easiest. There was the going slightly mad bit, then the separation bit. The Olympics were a highlight and I don’t even like sports: that says it all.
So I was looking forward to my 28th birthday, looking forward to seeing the back of 27. But weirdly enough it was the hardest birthday I’ve ever experienced.


Still Here But A Little Bit Tired

Marvellous mum and marvellous Kaisa
At the moment I feel like my life is revolving around PND. I usually find it easy and enjoyable to sit at my computer daily and shape some thoughts into a blog post, but I’m totally coming up blank. All I can think about is PND… PND… I’m starting to bore myself and am getting worried about boring other people.


Thanksgiving, The British Way

Americans really have the right idea at this time of year. Thanksgiving: a time for family, friends, warmth, love and CARBOHYDRATES. Lots of carbohydrates.  I love the idea of a big turkey accompanied by potatoes and pies, though I still get a little wary of the addition of macaroni cheese.

Su and Me

My Best Friend’s Blog

(Sometimes our husbands get us mixed up)
I interrupt my usual programming to announce that after years of ho-humming about it one of my best friends in the whole wide world forever and ever and ever amen has started her own blog! I could not be prouder than if it were Elfie or Hux blogging: Su is an absolutely brilliant writer and I know she’s been wanting to get down and creative on