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Elfie and Hux’s Christmas

I never really knew the meaning of ‘real’ Christmas before the kids came along. And I mean that in the most literal sense, not in a sense that “ooh isn’t Christmas about the joy of kids”.


Ramblings About Our Easter.

Since when has Easter been such ‘A Thing’? I know it’s been a thing for years and years and years, since Jesus, though the exact length of time escapes me as much like my good friend Charlotte says I was too busy thinking about boys to pay attention in RE. But it seems this year that Easter has exploded all over the internet.


Being A Grown-Up

Every single day without fail I walk past a mirror, babe in arms, and think: who am I? Who is this person with two children at the age of 27? How did I go from being the person I was before the babies to the person I am now? Where did my old irresponsible life go?
It has all seemed to happen so quickly (real time: three years ago, pretty much to the day).


Thanksgiving, The British Way

Americans really have the right idea at this time of year. Thanksgiving: a time for family, friends, warmth, love and CARBOHYDRATES. Lots of carbohydrates.  I love the idea of a big turkey accompanied by potatoes and pies, though I still get a little wary of the addition of macaroni cheese.


Autumn Thoughts.

Here are a few of my favourite things, in no particular order: the smell of sun cream, the heat of the sun, the beach, miniskirts, being warm, long evenings, bbqs. So you can imagine how autumn might not be my favourite time of year.

I usually get a pang of sadness in that first week when you can feel the chill in the air.


A Long Weekend In Madrid


This weekend we did the unthinkable. We got on a plane with a toddler and a newborn baby for a long weekend in Madrid. I was pretty terrified of he we’d survive the flight, the heat, the upset in sleeping patterns, the unfamiliar surroundings, but I really needn’t have worried as we all had a wonderful time.