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An Alternative Half Term

March 6, 2017
Alternative half term

Half term is a bit of a tricky one when you’re a working single mum. With the children at their dads’ for a few days I’m never quite sure which way to play it. On the one hand, half terms are one of the few chances I have at more than a couple of nights to myself, so it’s generally a great opportunity to have some down-time or get away. On the other, as a stretch of time with no…

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The Day Elfie Became A Princess

December 7, 2014
bibbidi bobbidi boutique review

For reasons I really want to write about at a later date, I’ve become somewhat of a feminist in the last 12 months. It’s been an odd thing – I’ve gone from feeling slightly ambivalent about feminism to being confident that I strongly identify this way. Not to sound emotional about the whole thing but it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster – empowering, scary, shocking, maddening, exciting. And as such I want to make sure my children, both Elfie and…

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Elfie Life

A Christmas Girly Day Out

December 21, 2013

I realised something the other day when I was scanning through iPhoto. Since I separated from my ex-husband at the beginning of the year I have barely taken any photographs with my DSLR. It’s all been Instagram, VSCO cam-filtered pictures that are all vintage-y and trendy. I can’t quite work out why that is. There were a couple of issues with the autofocus (which I think I’ve fixed now, wooh) but it’s gotten so bad that I think I’ve almost…

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