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A Day In The Life of My Legs: Scholl Light Legs

October 4, 2016
scholl lighter legs tights

I’m not one of those people who celebrates the arrival of Autumn. While others are banging on about trees changing colour, cashmere jumpers and pumpkin spice lattes (never had one and PROUD) I’m in the corner quietly fuming that I’ve had to pack away my favourite denim shorts in favour of jeans and tights. Because I like the sunshine. I like the way too hot car, the sticky days at work, the hot nights under the sheets. I like feeling…

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My Top 5 Autumn Buys

September 22, 2016

I’m going to put my hands up now and say: I’m not really an Autumn person. A steadfast summer girl, I’d be happy if I got to spend my years – all year round – in shorts, flip flops and tshirts. To me, covering up in woolly layers feels unnatural… and often itchy. Not my favourite thing… give me a beach over a mountain any day. And so, to ease myself in to the harsh realities of crispy leaves and…

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Fashion Style

What I’m Wearing For Winter

October 30, 2012
winter fashion

It is surprising how, once you give birth, your attitude to so many things changes. I was adamant this wouldn’t happen to me but it’s completely inevitable and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Since I have had my babies I feel hugely different about travel, working, family, keeping fit, food, friendships… so many things. And one of the things that has thrown me for a loop mostly is how I feel different about clothes. That might sound…

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Fashion For Kids

July 31, 2012

Baby Elfie in spots and stripes I‘d just about gotten comfortable with dressing myself when I got pregnant with Elfie. Not in a practical sense, like “Yeah, I can finally get my hand through my sleeve”, but on a “Does this top go with theses trousers?” sense. I was working for a magazine in London, going to fashion week, constantly thinking about what I was wearing.  And once I’d got it down to a fine art Elfie arrived so then…

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Wrists Don’t Get Fat: Bracelets

May 29, 2012

I have previously written on this blog about how frustrating it is to go shopping as a pregnant woman. There are always beautiful clothes you want to buy that won’t fit over the bump and you don’t know how big your boobs or even your arse will be after you’ve given birth. It took me 12 months to regain my pre-pregnancy figure after Elfie was born, and then I was pregnant again straight away. Therefore from winter 2009 to now…

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POP The Fashion Store

May 10, 2012

I often moan that since we moved away from London we’ve felt a bit short-changed for decent restaurants and have to travel for a really good dining experience. The same is true for clothes shopping; we have Milton Keynes Shopping Centre a 20 minute drive away with your usual high street suspects but in our little town there are no Start Boutiques, no Selfridges. Just a lot of shops for ladies a generation or two older than me. Think twinsets,…

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A Pregnancy Wardrobe, Weeks 36-38

May 8, 2012

You know that feeling you get at the end of the day when you get home from work and peel off your bra? I didn’t think there was much to compare with how satisfying that relief is: until my bump got so big that it became uncomfortable to wear my maternity jeans. Now if I wear them out of the house I peel the bump band down as soon as I walk in the front door, examine the itchy red…

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A Pregnancy Wardrobe, Weeks 30-35

April 13, 2012

This weather is really messing with my ability to get dressed in the morning. Cold days = fine. Hot days = lovely. Weird non-cold, rainy and changeable days = impossible. Plus it’s getting harder and harder to dress the bump in anything that isn’t lycra and leggings are fast becoming my new best friend. Being pregnant with Elfie was a lot easier as she didn’t come til July and we had a lovely balmy spring, I remember wearing lots of…

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Elfie Style

Style: Stripy Sunday

June 5, 2011

I can’t be the only person to co-ordinate my outfits with my baby’s? Our favourite to match (OK, my favourite) is blue and white stripes and we also have matching American Apparel hoodies. It’s bad. She’ll hate me when she’s older. Our Sunday mood was almost ruined by a faceplanting incident, but she got over it with some hugs and toys. Look how cute she still is, even when she’s howling. Her cuteness really is supernatural.…

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