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How To Explain An Election To Children

April 20, 2017
explain an election to children

Let’s face it, life can get a little dark sometimes. After I had the kids, such were my feelings on the state of current affairs I didn’t watch the news. Everything scared me, everything made me concerned for the world I had brought my children into. As I’ve become increasingly braver (read: older) I think it’s more important than ever to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world. Yes, it’s often upsetting and infuriating but how are we to change the…

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When Should You Introduce Your Kids To Your Boyfriend?

April 4, 2017
When should you introduce your kids to your boyfriend?

You guys, I’ve met someone. I know, just as I was becoming comfortable with the idea of buying a shedload of cats and calling it a day, I went on a date and that magic thing that happens when you meet someone really great occurred. POOF! Something clicked, and it’s been brilliant ever since. A few months in and all is rosy: we have long lovely dinner dates, fall asleep watching movies on the sofa and run errands together. Even the…

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Christmas Gift Guide: What To Get Your Little Pranksters

December 13, 2016
The beano shop

I like to think my kids enjoy programmes like Dennis the Menace on Netflix so much because they behave impeccably 90% of the time. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But this cartoon  is one of the stalwarts in our house and I love it; Dennis the Menace reminds me of my own angelic (ahem) childhood and I love the innocent joy the children get from seeing cartoon characters on Netflix getting up to mischief and creating mayhem. Aside…

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Parenting Hacks with Arla Big Milk

November 1, 2016
Petplan draw my pet

I think it’s safe to say that parenting is the most time-consuming, click all-encompassing thing you’ll ever do. Whichever way you play it, look having kids changes your life, and if you’re anything like me those changes can send you into a bit of a tailspin. Who am I kidding, those changes can send you into a full-on meltdown. But I can say quite confidently that now, after six years of successfully parenting two children (just about, anyway), I’ve found…

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5 Indoor After School Activities

October 19, 2016
the power of me time

The hours of 3.30pm-5.30pm are what I like to call ‘the afternoon dead time’. It’s time when the kids are tired from school and would like nothing more to come home and flop in front of an iPad, but because I’m mean mummy I’d rather not let them: we should be learning! Growing as people! Spending time as a family together! It’s time when I try not to arrange too many crazy energy-expelling activities as, if I do, they just…

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The Small Moments: #MarkWarnerMum

February 19, 2016

I took a bit of a break from blogging. Well, a week, but you know. That felt like A TIME ;) It wasn’t really an intentional thing: the children went off to their daddy’s, and every time I sat down to write, even if it was about sofas, my sadness poured out in paragraphs of weepy word vomit. I don’t know why I took their absence hard this time. In the early days of the split I would look forward…

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A Shrek Adventure Review

August 26, 2015

Last Friday I headed on down to South Bank with my two monkeys for a day of fun culminating in DreamWork’s Shrek’s Adventure. The interactive Shrek’s Adventure is based inside London’s County Hall, right next door to The London Dungeon. Shrek is one of the most popular films in our house and we couldn’t wait to see what treats were in store for us! We arrived early for our slot and were greeted by an absolutely massive Princess Fiona. We joined…

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Single Life

On Not Knowing What I Should Do With My Name

October 29, 2013

I can’t stop thinking about my name. I’ve been Alice Harold for four years now but it has started to feel wrong that I still use the name of a man I am no longer married to. Changing it in the first place was kind of a big deal; my old surname, Judge-Talbot, was a really lovely one to grow up with (is that a weird thing to say?) and I was quite sad to lose it. The traditionalist in…

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