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Work That Works: Laura, Hero of Stockbridge

April 26, 2017
Laura Hero of Stockbridge

When you become a mother your world flips upside down. Your whole identity – which for so many of us is based on our careers – is removed from our core, and we’re expected to adapt to a new and foreign persona: MUM. For me I remember this entry into motherhood being incredibly jarring. I went from ‘having it all’ – a Marketing management job at, a professional reputation, a team, fancy event invites – to responsibility for one tiny mewling person…

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How To Set Up A Small Business

October 13, 2016

Once you’ve decide to join the freelance or self-employed working world it can be difficult to know where the heck to begin. For me, it was an approach of a small (£200) project with an ex-work colleague – influencer outreach for Glastonbury 2010 (!!) – which prompted me to set up a website (which is now in its 5th or 6th iteration) and formally offer my Marketing services as a business to the world. It seemed like a no-brainer. It…

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My Inspiring Mum of The Year: Emma Cantrell, First Days

November 10, 2014

The internet has given me many wonderful things. ASOS Premier, Facebook messenger, the DM’s sidebar of shame. But by far the best thing about the internet is the people I have met online. Typing that out still feels a bit weird: seeing the phrase ‘the people I have met online’ conjures up images of old men wearing dirty string vests in their bedrooms with the curtains shut, tapping away at a big old CPUs and massive monitors. Not women who…

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Blogging As A Business: How I Turned My Blog Into My Career

May 22, 2014

When people ask me what my job is I never know what to say. “Erm, well, I have this website, and I write about stuff and people read it and yep thats it.” Reactions range from “ah, you blog for a living? That’s cool!” to “what’s a blog?”. And I mean really, if you can explain what a blog is to someone who isn’t computer savvy without tearing your hair out then you’re a better woman than I. Increasingly I’ve been…

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Life Stories – Sigrid From Peponita

February 10, 2014

It took a long old time for me to find my groove when I first became a mother. At first I was a bit shellshocked; unlike work, there’s nobody there giving you appraisals, nobody telling you that you’ve done a good (or even average – average would do) job at the end of every knackering (24 hour) working day. It’s relentless and hard and you don’t get paid for it (unless you have a nice maternity package. I didn’t). I…

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