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On Not Looking Perfect As A Brand New Mum

When the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out of the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s hospital yesterday afternoon it wasn’t just the baby the world was interested in seeing. Let’s be honest, a newborn baby is a newborn baby; most of them look quite similar, a bit like grumpy old men. The world was interested in […]…


Mummy Love: It’s Complicated

When I was pregnant for the first time I wasn’t sure of much. I was completely confused at what childbirth would be like, I didn’t know if I would breast or bottle feed, or even if I wanted to be a stay at home mum or not. But there was thing I was sure of: […]…


An Instagram Birth Story

  The very last pregnancy photo / trying to relax with Balamory In my naive, blissed-out natural birth-planning state, labour was to go one way, and one way only. The labour niggles would begin, I’d take a paracetamol and get some sleep, take a bath, strap on my TENS machine if it all got a […]…


He’s Here!

  Huxley William Harold arrived yesterday, the 16th May, at 3.04pm. He was born via semi-emergency caesarian after four loooong days of contractions, a worrying period of decreased movements, heartbeat decelerations and a lot of monitoring. It’s been a long week.   We are both doing very well in hospital and will be here for a few […]…


A Birth Story

Don’t worry – I haven’t secretly given birth over the weekend (though the contractions I’ve been having since I overdid it on the wedding dancefloor on Saturday night have been something else). As we’ve been making plans for this next birth I’ve enjoyed reminiscing about the experience I had with  Elfie. An ‘Elective’ Caesarian (though I […]…


The C-Section Debate: Should We Choose?

Before I got pregnant I had thought a lot about giving birth. It’s difficult not to; if you want kids like I always knew I did they have to make their way from your belly and into the outside world somehow. And as scared as I am of pain (I weep at threading appointments, actually […]…

Elfie Pregnancy

Happy Birthday, Elfie!

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk When I first found out I was pregnant and started writing my blog, the ‘Birth Story’ post was the one I was looking forward to writing the most. I imagined it would involve a birthing pool, a bit of hypnobirthing and if I’m honest a good […]…