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Who Wants To Be a (Boots Points) Millionaire?

I must go in a Boots store at least once a week. I remember it from when I was spending my very first wages from my very first job as a pot washer in the pub in the next village. I earned the princely sum of £3.00 an hour – I can still see the orange eyeshadow palette I bought from No7 that autumn. It ROCKED.
My tastes have moved on a bit since then but my Boots loyalty has not.


My Winter Beauty Favourites

It’s winter beauty time!
I’m probably not going to endear myself to anyone by telling you this, but ever since I have switched to Paleo my skin has been insane. Insane in a good way. I had one zit the whole of last month and it was one of those hormonal ones that arrives in THAT WEEK and disappears as soon as the tampons get put back in the cupboard.


My Autumn Face

Autumn is the season when my skin starts freaking out. It becomes a shade of what I like to call ‘farmer rugged’ thanks to a combination of the cold air, central heating and lack of sunshine. I get dry patches on my nose and cheeks and as an added extra bonus due to the house move I’ve noticed my forehead lines are getting deeper.


What Keeps Me Youthful

When I was in London for BritMums recently my roomie Steph and I took our old decrepit arses out for dinner. We ate at The Diner in Shoreditch, somewhere I used to frequent in the heady single days of yore. They do a great burger, their cheesy fries are amazing and they add alcohol to their milkshakes. Enough said.
As you may imagine, a restaurant like this is full of lots of young people.


Current Face Favourites

Lately I’ve been beavering away in the background on my project that is: MAKE-UP FREE CONFIDENCE. It’s an ongoing thing, has been for the last one and a half years, but you know I really think I’m getting somewhere now.


Ena Salon, London

It’s no secret that I’m a bit vain. Annoying, as vanity is one thing that isn’t too compatible with motherhood as Elfie helpfully demonstrated recently when she smooshed my red lipstick into my face with the palm of her hand. I like to do my bit in the name of grooming though as it makes me feel more of a human being on those days when I’m running on four hours sleep.


Artful Hair Tutorials

One thing I’m totally focussed on, despite all the cleaning, lego-ing and bum wiping I do, is the persuit of good hair. Seriously; the week I learnt how to fishtail and french plait was a really good one. Along with red lipstick something that makes me feel like ‘me’ is good hair.