365 Days of Me Week #7

A bit of catching up to do… apparently I conveniently forget to take my photograph when I’m tired. This week I replaced makeup with cheesy grins, ill-conceived headbands and nail polish to hide behind. Hoping next week will be more polished.





365 Days of Me Week #3

I’ve been a bit boring this week. Lots of slumming round the house in clothes that don’t deserve to be seen by the outside world. A few glasses days (both eye and wine). A lot of work. A coffee as big as my head that sent me slightly mental.

If this weather doesn’t get more summery soon I’m getting my winter wardrobe back out and wearing fur for the rest of 2011.

Week One
Week Two




365 Days of Me… week #1

And on to another project.

I did 365 days (one photo per day) once upon a time and was totally arty farty with it on Flickr. However, it wasn’t a true representation of ME on a day-to-day basis, and this is something I’ve wanted to record for a little while. I am the photographer in our house; we have a ton of photos of Elfie, lots of Will but not many of me. This needs to change – I might forget what I look like.

Seeing one of my favourite blogging mothers, Hipster Momma, start this project gave me the impetus to get started.

I will be taking a photograph of myself once a day, every day, for the next year. These photos won’t be professional, or even taken with my DSLR, but they will be real and representative of what I was doing on that particular day. I will upload them here once a day and hopefully a year from now I won’t be shaking my head at my new wrinkles.

Once again… here goes.

(NB: the first two days were right before i came down with gastroenteritis. Please don’t judge… but what a difference some throwing up and makeup has!)