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the power of me time

The Power of Me Time

When you’re a mum, any kind of mum – single, working, attached, stay at home – alone, or ‘me time’ become incredibly precious. In your new job as caretaker of a little mewling, pooping, vomiting bundle of joy you suddenly become indispensable, the most important person in the world to your offspring.


ROOM: How We Teach Our Kids

Have you seen the film ‘Room‘? It has given me more food for thought than any film in a very long time.
Every day I look at my children with a jolt of realisation as I remember it’s my job to teach them about the world.
It’s up to me to teach them right from wrong, left from right, no from yes.

single parent family

Then There Were Three

My family dynamic should have never been three.
Four, it was always going to be four. Somehow I always knew that, whether it was growing up in a foursome myself or just One Of Those Things: my family was going to be four. Done.


Making The World #BetterForBaby

Babies have an incredible effect on people. I’d consider myself to be quite hardened to it – 5 years of minimal sleep will do that to a gal – but even I go all gooey around newborns.
They represent everything that is good and lovely in the world: fresh starts, love, community and cuddles.

Getting more sleep

Getting More Sleep

I’ve long bemoaned the fact that I don’t get enough sleep. It’s only within the last 4 months that both my children have started sleeping through the night (it’s horrifying this has taken so long) and they are early risers, too: Elfie was up at 5.45am this morning. Heavy sigh.

Great Ormond Street Mums

Great Ormond Street Mums

I don’t do self-pity.
I used to do it like a bloody boss. If I had a sniffle, a slight tummy ache or had slept less than seven hours the night before you would know about it. Even if we weren’t friends I would make sure you knew about it. Because I liked to moan.

9 Month Pregnant Belly

Talking Bladders: The Last Female Taboo

One of my favourite people on Twitter is MammyWoo, firstly for her hilarious Tweets but also for her VERY accurate profile: I used to be cool, then I had a baby. Now I wee when I sneeze…
Because it’s true. When you have children so many weird and wonderful (but mostly not so wonderful) things happen to your body and you know what? They don’t get spoken about.