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Now You Are Three.

It’s an odd thing, your baby’s birthdays. Elfie’s are one thing; as the eldest she’s the birthday trailblazer, demanding parties in village halls or Pizza Express and spending hours wondering if she’s going to dress up as Anna or Elsa.
Hux is different. He still doesn’t ‘get’ birthdays so mama makes the decisions (as well as the cakes).


Toddlers Today – What Does It Mean To Be A Toddler?

I always think it must be pretty cool to be a toddler in 2015.
Just think about it – you get to spend your weeks playing with your friends, being entertained by various singing and dancing adults, getting taken to really cool places like working farms and swimming pools and you don’t have to worry about Council Tax or how many miles to the gallon your car is doing.

Elfie Huxley

#DearCarpetright… Win A New Floor

One thing I love about having kids is the situations they are constantly getting themselves into. Hux is always coming home with nursery with funny notes detailing what he did that day and exactly why he had to go into the record book for it and Elfie… she’s just Elfie.


Hux Turns Two

It’s been a busy time over at ours these last couple of weeks. Hux had a birthday and turning two meant that he can start going with Elfie to pre-school a couple of days a week. Where has my baby boy gone? The night before his second birthday I went up to Elfie and Hux’s shared bedroom to tuck them both in.


In Which I Go Gooey Over My Little Man

The relationships we have with our children, they are complex and frightening things. Even moreso than the relationships we have with other adults (and I’m speaking as someone who spilt apple pie over her divorce petition last night, so yeah… complex).
I feel quite different about the relationship I have with Hux than the one I have with Elfie.

Elfie Huxley

A Collection of Cute

Sometimes – I guess at least once a day which makes it often, really – my breath catches in my chest when I catch a glimpse of my kids and I realise just how brilliant they are. You know that lovely Roald Dahl quote about sunbeams shining out of faces? That’s what my children are like.