10 Tips for a Clutter Free Home


In extreme cases, a cluttered home can be a serious health hazard. According to the NHS, when there is excess clutter in a home it can become a fire risk, often resulting in dangerous trips and osa-online.net falls. On top of the physical implications that clutter can cause, it can also lead to increased levels of greeningnipissing.org stress and anxiety which is why having a clutter free home will lighten your mood and free precious living space in your house.

  1. Purge your Clutter

In the first stages of de-cluttering your home, you will need a few rubbish bags to visit our site get rid of the things in your house that you definitely do not want to keep. You can do this one room at a time to make the process go quicker and watch on as your home becomes more spacious in a matter of minutes.

  1. Self-Storage

A quick and cost-effective solution to free up space instantly in your home is to make the most out of Alligator Storage. Having your own storage unit will allow you to use it as you please. You can store large or small items for as long as you like. This is especially a great option if you have things in your home that you have no room for but remain reluctant to completely part with.

  1. Donate your Things

Clothes, books, shoes, DVDs and even old toys can all be donated to farawaymac.com charity shops to help others in need. You will be doing a good deed while also giving your home space to breathe.

  1. Use Pegboards

A great tip from Real Simple is to use pegboards on the inside of your closet door as a ‘mini dressing station’. Pegboards can be used to hang belts, scarves and other essentials in your bedroom.

  1. Organize your Home

Give everything in your home its own space and keep it there. This will help to keep you organized whilst maintaining a tidy home.

  1. Magnetic Strip Holders

Items that tend to produce a lot of clutter are often found in the garage or the bathroom. These can include hair clips, nails, screws, tweezers and http://realsimplephotography.net/viagra-oral-gel scissors etc. A magnetic strip glued to the wall will give these slippery items a place to how to get levitra in canada rest and will keep them off the floor.

  1. Use Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers can be used in any room in the house. You can use it in the kitchen or in the bedroom to separate your socks from your underwear and your tights from your vest tops.

  1. Use Various Racks

Store your CD collection on a DVD/CD rack and your shoes on a shoe rack. Racks are a great way to display your possessions in a neat format and they can even be used to store towels and books.

  1. Bed Storage

If you have a lot of free space underneath your bed, use it to store your extra bed linens in plastic boxes. People often forget about the large space under the bed but it can actually offer some much needed additional storage space.

  1. Say No to Impulse Buys

The only way that your home will remain a clutter free zone is from restricting the amount of levitra buying clutter than comes into the house. Stop making unnecessary purchases and resist the strong urge to make impulse purchases.

Why The Dream Bathroom Is Important

Bathrooms are my favourite. They really are! Think about it – when you get up in the morning and i use it start your day you may not see your bedroom again until that evening, but you’re always using your bathroom. Especially if you’re like me and often working from home.  Bathrooms are important – if I see it six times a day I want it to be nice!

But they’re often the room to be overlooked. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a bathroom as shiny and lovely as a hotel bathroom (dream big, eh?) and I work hard to viagra generic canada make mine as special as possible. Fancy loo roll, good storage, lovely handwash. It’s important to me!

My bathroom is a work-in-progress. I’m always discovering new bits and bobs for it, coming across an incredible tap polisher (really) or debating the follow link colour of my bath mat. And with two splashy little so-and-so’s bathing in there every evening I seem to be cleaning it an awful lot, too!

Now, everybody’s dream bathroom seems to start with a freestanding bath and mine is no different (am I right, ladies? I’ll take the Kensington from JL Bathrooms, please). Here’s what else I’m thinking about for the bathroom of my dreams:


JL Freestanding bath / IKEA storage / pegs, towels and stool from John Lewis / woven basket from my friends at The Basket Room / biggest shower in the world / John Lewis country bathroom window.

What’s your dream bathroom?




4 Steps To A Hotel Bathroom

scented candles

There’s nothing I like more than a stay in a nice hotel. As I have what I think might be a medical aversion to clutter (seriously!) there’s something I love so much about the spotlessly clean hotel room with its items at right angles, its perfectly plumped cushions and spotless linens. Hotel rooms so appeal to the perfectionist in me (which is why I totally err towards a 5* ;) that ‘create a hotel bathroom at home’ is a serious point on my bucket list.

You really can’t beat taking a bath in beautiful surroundings. The bathroom I have right now is pretty lovely, and believe me I’ve seen some horrors on the dating scene – black mould, dirty toilets, mirrors covered in toothpaste… nightmares. If I was lying back in a relaxing bath in a bathroom I didn’t feel was clean I just know I’d be thinking about what germy delights (vom) lurked beneath the loo seat or in the grimy toothbrush mug. Not so relaxing after all.

So here’s what I’ve come up with – my starting points for creating a hotel bathroom at home. It might not change your life but it may well change your bathtime.

Lovely products

Good hotel bathrooms always come with gorgeous products, so this is always my first stop. Instead of supermarket soap and gels I like to use my premium favourites, which do last longer despite being slightly more expensive. Right now I am loving Cowshed for shampoo, conditioner and buy online viagra shower gel and Aesop for gorgeous hand soap and lotion. Definitely luxe.


Ease of cleaning

I clean my bathroom on average once a week, so it’s important to me that it is easy to http://opencredo.com/where-to-buy-viagra clean. For my next bathroom I’m eyeing up these panels from DBS – I love the beige sparkle – and replacing my old tiles with these will make cleaning a dream. If you can’t quite bid farewell to your tiles then check out these oversized ones from DBS (above) – so dramatic.

Matching soft towels

Perhaps predictably I have a grey/light blue colour scheme going on in my bathroom. I have a large bath rug that lives on the floor unless it gets sopping wet (I find it brings a bit of softness to the room) and this year I splashed out on some beautiful grey Egyptian Cotton Towels from John Lewis.

Clever storage

You wont find boats, rubber ducks, baby shampoo or foam letters in many hotel bathrooms! To hide the child-based clutter away I use a sturdy Perspex box with handles that sits on a shelf at the end of the bath. The toys are kept in a lovely glass pot and my various face crèmes and balms are in a blue dish. This means we have zero clutter on our hotel-esque bathroom shelves.

What do you love about your bathroom? My friends over at DBS have some great tips on how to rejuvenate your bathroom. Give these a go and let me know how you get on!




In the last few years I have found my shopping happy place. It is the redevgroup.com place I retreat to when the bared midriffs in TopShop get too much (it’s official, I’m too old to show that much flesh), where I browse to get interiors inspiration and where I spend an absolute fortune on scented candles. I visit there for coffee, for cake, for manicures and for Clinique Bonus Time. This happy place is John Lewis.

To help bring my happy place to you I’ve teamed up with Everest Windows for a springtime treat! Everest believes a home requires constant care and attention to keep it looking its best – but some things are easier to fix than others.

While painting a hallway or picking a new living room carpet can appear to be a relatively tricky task (I’m so glad I have my dad for things like this), they are a breeze to sort out when compared to replacing faulty or old windows.

Which is why Everest replacement windows are guaranteed to last thanks to their A+ rated double glazing and cialis cream a lifetime guarantee against discolouration of their uPVC windows.

To keep your home looking as good as Everest windows, together we are giving you the chance to win £150 in vouchers to my happy place!!


All we want to know is: What one thing in your home is irreplaceable?

Barring the obvious answer – the children – my answer is tricky. Second to the above my bed is probably my happy place (If only I spent more time sleeping in it) but I’m going to say my MacBook Air because it’s full of memories and my blog. And I obviously bought it from John Lewis!

Enter below and give your answer in the comments to be in with a chance of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Follow Everest Home Improvements on Twitter and Facebook to find out more about their windows and offers. Thanks Everest for supporting MTT and my happy place! 

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Living Space Inspiration – Colour Pops

living spaces

I’m moving house!

Not now, not next month, not even in a couple of http://lovelovefilms.com/buy-viagra-soft-online months. In fact, my house still hasn’t been built yet so it’s probably a safe bet to say that my house move is more than a little time away. BUT – I’m moving house!!!!! and I’m really excited about it. HOUSE MOVE!

I’m helping to design the house from scratch and having the input into how it will look has been amazing – so I’ve already been Pinning like mad (obviously) and have started to put together mood boards. Which leaves me wondering – HOW difficult was interior design in the days before Pinterest? I remember my mum having piles of Living Etc and Elle Decoration around the house so it’s a good thing we now have such wonderful online inspiration as IKEA Family Live (not just name checking it because I used to work there – I seriously love that place) and Apartment Therapy. Inspiration/Procrastination, who’s counting?

FYI Mum I haven’t forgotten you asking me to show you Pinterest… you are doing the important parts of the design anyway ;) I’m sticking to paint colours and i use it cushions…

living spaces

Living Spaces

The first room I’m thinking about is the living space. I’m envisaging clean, neutrally coloured furniture (so wise with young children…) accented with pops of colour in the blankets, cushions and floorcoverings. The space will be open plan to the kitchen so I’m aiming to remain as minimal in my approach as possible, with clever storage to keep clutter down. Think colour, texture and fun :)

Main images: The Design Files

living spaces

White High Gloss Coffee Table, £129.99, FADS, Velvet Square Cushion, £45, Not On The High Street, Canyon White High Gloss Wide Bookcase, £349.99, FADS, Monty Lamp, £40, House By John Lewis, Flapjack sofa, £1195, Loaf, Studio Stack Mug, £4, John Lewis, Novello White Gloss Dining Set, £279.99, FADS, Octo rug, £95, Habitat.


The BIG investments to your property


It’s easy to pick up small things for your home – those tiny mementoes or knick-knacks that give the place a little bit of soul. But what about those major purchases?

That’s where things get tricky. Before any big buy, you’ll have to get your calculator out, steel your bank account and be prepared to make tea for a lot of builders.

But these larger design overhauls can send the value of your property into the stratosphere. When it’s time to ship up and sell out, your additions could put pound signs in your eyes.

So, what grand purchases can you make to boost the value of your property?

The eyes to the soul

Are you still shivering next to your single-glazed windows? Then it’s time to modernise.

Windows, provided you contact the right company, are an ace way to boost the value of your property – and some prime double glazing will keep you toasty during the winter.

If you live in a listed building, however, you might meet some opposition. Speak to your local council and see if there isn’t some arrangement you can come to if you want your windows of a high-quality.

Provided the lovelovefilms.com council aren’t an issue, the benefits you’ll reap from double glazing are great. Your house will be warmer, your property’s value will skyrocket and you won’t suffer the headache of street noise outside.

Extend yourself

Extensions are the motherlode of best viagra prices major projects in your home.

Whether it’s a new conservatory, an extra room or even an entire new section to your house, an effective extension can add thousands to its overall value.

Again, there might be some trouble with the council depending on the size of the project. Make sure to clear any building regulations before you fall afoul of local restrictions. More than this, be sure to notify your neighbours about your construction work. No one wants to become a neighbour from hell in their quest for a better home.

And don’t stop at a spare empty room. Find a use for it and make its style consistent with the rest of your home. You’ll have a great new place to enjoy and add a few grand to your property.

DON’T overextend

So many people think that endless additions to their property will eventually make it mansion-pricey – but it’s a little more complicated than that.

While additions to your property can make it more valuable, evaluators also take the mean value of other homes in the area into account.

This means, no matter how much you spruce your property up, you’ll eventually hit a glass ceiling in pricing terms.

If you plan to make a big investment in your home, make sure it’s what you want – not what the market tells you.