Turning your house into a home one room at a time

There’s nothing like little trinkets, cuddly cushions and quirky signs to transform your house into a home. If you’ve just moved house, or feel like certain rooms (*cough cough every room*) need a revamp then it can be hard to know where to start. It’s pricey too!

I’ve always loved those small extras you can’t seem to find everywhere else. Cute designs and personalised knick knacks that really express your individuality. IKEA may have the functionality, but when it comes to the personal touch, there are plenty of ways you can insert yours…


The Kitchen

For the kitchen, personalised enamelware is a really cute way of revamping without spending loads on fresh new appliances. The selection from Jonny’s Sister come in a range of soft pastel hues, easily suited to all tastes and designs, as well as sizes fit for all worktops. With mugs, tins, bins and pet bowls, you can create a personalised theme running through your kitchen. Why not personalise mugs and plates for the whole family? You never know, it could encourage them to eat up all their veg. I love the idea of personalised trays and pots for growing herbs and small ‘canisters’ for your various tea bags too.

The Bedroom

As well as throws and updating your bedding (the feel of fresh new bed sheets can’t be beaten!), all cosy bedrooms should acquire a truckload of cushions. Various sizes, shapes, colours and textures, an array of cushions is one of the best remedies to banish the blues. Especially now it is getting colder, you need all the help you can get and a mountain of cushions is the way to go. The Love Letter style cushions are the best. You can get them handmade with a fabric of your choice and size of your choice too. They make lovely wedding gifts too.


The Bathroom

The bathroom is obviously a very clinical place, but it can also get in a right royal mess too. Some nifty storage ideas are key in sorting out your lotions and potions and add personality to this functional room too. Whitewash wicker baskets complete with a pastel inner cloth to suit your existing colour scheme keeps all the bits’n’bobs in one place helping to destress you in the process. Obviously you can’t take these neat wicker baskets in the shower with you. Small plant pots are a unique way to keep your shampoos and conditioners together.

The Hallway

The hallway is the first thing your guests see, and also the first thing you see after a tough day. A messy and unappealing hallway will do nothing to lift your spirits.

Many hallways are slightly dark so the first thing to do is give it a lick of paint. Pastel tones create a light and refreshing atmosphere and a soft cream will give you warmth as the days become shorter. The key to a good hallway is great storage options that keep all the shoes, umbrellas and bags out of the way. If you don’t have the luxuries of an under-the-stairs style cupboard, never fear. An antiques hat stand will solve all of those bag, coat and brolly clutter whilst your bog standard welly holder and shoe rack can be given a coat of varnish and engraved with a heart-warming saying allowing you to “leave your troubles at the door”.


The Dining Room

Whilst the other three rooms have a specific function, your dining room is primarily for entertainment and your chance to really stamp your sense of style. For starters, think about that table where your guests usually gather for a *gourmet meal. You can decorate using embroidered napkins, elaborate candle holders and beautiful carving boards to serve nibbles from. What about bringing the outdoors in with small enamel buckets filled with freshly picked wild flowers?

And it isn’t just the table. The dining room is the perfect opportunity to spread your creativity to the walls too. Rather than opting for the usual tranquil painting, why not make a statement? Typography is hot this season and the simplest way to revamp your room and make a bold statement. If you have a lot of white space and nothing to fill it, bold wooden lettering creates the perfect modern look. A simple “Let’s Dine” or “Enjoy” would create a cosy atmosphere, making your house feel like a home.

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The Dream Home: Au Natural

One of the best things about my job with IKEA Family Live is the fact that I get to look at beautiful homes each and every day. I’ve always had an interest in houses – not so much in interiors but in crafting a home out of the space I live in – and being paid to work with beautiful spaces seems to suit me down to the ground.


Minimalist kid’s bedroom via IKEA Family Live

We’ve been in our current home about 8 months now (how did that happen?) and I’ve been thinking a while what our next steps will be. I love the house we’re in at the moment, it’s small but perfectly formed ;), but I know it’s not our forever home. I want my kids to grow up with more of an outdoorsy lifestyle than we currently have but until I’ve saved up for my Spanish beach bar I’m reflecting that in my interior tastes.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 16.02.39

Monochrome living space with natural wood accents at Style Me Pretty

Right now I’m wild over the influences of nature: aged wood, muted colour palettes, greenery. White walls that will be uber practical with mucky fingered kids, I’m sure…

05374e7818fbbdb3967f5c589eded8b5Bright and light kitchen via Dwell

Slate tiles and light upon light upon light, with a little help from VELUX windows. I want my home to always feel beautifully happy and sunny inside, even in the dead of winter.


To-die-for Californian home at A Cup Of Jo

This natural wood headboard in the bedroom of one of my favourite bloggers is still my most favoured item in the last couple of months; it brings such character and warmth to the room and is a piece that will last forever. Want!

What’s your dream home currently looking like?

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There’s No Place Like Home


In my new job as Freelance Digital Editor for IKEA FAMILY LIVE Magazine I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of home in our lives (which luckily for me means lots of times on interior blogs and Pinterest). My thoughts always return to my own current living situation, how happy my home makes me and what I can do to make it lovely.

Looking back, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many times I’ve moved home in the last ten years. It’s actually insane and I’m a little bit ashamed to admit it.

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Bringing Spring In

Image 1

There’s something so glorious about those first days of Spring. There’s nothing like feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin after a long, dark winter, or the promise of daffodils and snowdrops poking their heads out of the green grass. As soon as I see their cheery faces bobbing along at the side of the road my spirit immediately lifts: it’s pure balm for my soul.

Image 2

I’ve made some changes for Spring in our house ­‐ after the little bedroom makeover I did a few weeks ago week I took to brightening up our living space. I bought a couple of new cushions in some bright colours and switched out our floral storage boxes for fresh white ones. I appear to be completely addicted to rugs and have added a new one in green, pink and yellow. One pre‐requisite for all my floor coverings is that they must be machine washable: they all get chucked in the wash every few weeks to get rid of pen, chocolate and the remains of chewed up raisins. I love IKEA for these cheerful options that will see us through the mucky weaning years!

Image 3

This effect that Spring has on me is one of the reasons I always like to bring colour and life into my house. Colours and new moods make me stop, think, and take a look out the window at new life and a new season in my garden and surroundings. It makes me think about the beauty there is to be found in my home, in our little corner of the world. Soppy much?

I display loads of different things ­‐ fairy lights and tealights -­‐ in Mason jars but I’m starting to keep an eye out at charity shops and vintage stores for different pots and containers which is how one of my favourite bloggers, Little Green Notebook, likes to make a display with. She posted about spring in NY over here, total Wanderlust.

Image 4

I’m also a big fan of the traditional Spring clean to kick start the new season. I swear by taking a black bin bag when you’re in a ruthless mood and wandering the house chucking anything that is broken, no longer useful or hasn’t been used in six months. I then take a basket and place in it any objects that don’t belong in the room they’ve found themselves in and return them to their rightful place: hey, presto! You will immediately feel lighter, less cluttered and more organized. I really believe ‘tidy house, tidy mind’.

Have a gander at my friends over at Glade: they’re shaking things up with their new Spring collection. How do you like to kick out the gloom and the grey?

Glade Partnership Badge



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Manning Up In The Bedroom


It’s still weird for me to consider that before I moved to this house I’d never lived on my own. There was my room at my University halls of residence but that doesn’t count because when your single mattress is covered in a thin layer of plastic and your carpet smells like horses… it doesn’t make one feel particularly house proud, that’s for sure. Every other place I’ve lived in was shared with a man, meaning I had to take things like their opinions into account when I was decorating. Ugh. Such a drag. IMG_1437

So when I first became single I was like a woman possessed, interiors-wise. I wanted ALL THE PINK, ALL THE FLORAL STUFF, ALL THE FAIRY LIGHTS. I wanted anyone visiting the house to know, hey, no boys live here (apart from Hux, who spends most of his time these days asking for hair clips to be put in his hair). My house, it kind of looked like a fairy princess had visited and vomited all her girlyness all over it.


We’ve lived in my new place for nearly six months (holy hell how did that happen?) and as the days went on I found myself getting more and more antsy at the amount of pink stuff that was in my house. Yes, I liked the fact that I’d been showing that side of my personality through the medium of interior design but really? It just didn’t feel like me. Let’s be honest, a woman who uses the word ‘vomit’ as much as I do in her everyday lexicon (see paragraph above) probably should not have flowers plastered all over her bedroom. Plus it might be nice to have a man around here at some point in the future and I don’t want them or Hux feeling like this is a boy-free twinkly flower-filled zone.


And so I’ve spent the last couple of weeks making subtle tweaks to the house. Starting with the bedroom! I’ve got rid of the overly feminine rose-print sheets; I wanted to take things back to basics and get some plain white bedlinen. This set was the dream – the black piping is so chic – but £100 for sheets right now? Not gonna happen. So I went for a happy medium, IKEA bed linen from the slightly pricier range, and I love them. It’s amazing how much calmer I find the bedroom now I’ve switched the sheets out.


I also added a black and white blanket (IKEA once again) to the foot of the bed to toughen it up a bit; there’s no way I’m parting with my bedknobs and broomsticks-esque bed no matter how girly it is.

I wanted the decor to remain plain with some colour pops so I added in these Horses Kissing pillowcases from Urban Outfitters which I adore (and were in the sale!): they’re the only horsey thing in this house though, lets be clear… no whiffy carpets.

I brought my shelves upstairs from the laundry cupboard: these are used to store paperwork, magazines and shoes. The stool was moved from the other side of the bed (Freecycle bargain) and my awesome orange lamp switched with my white one to bring yet more colour to the room. My old bedside table is now carrying out the completely useless purpose of holding all my perfumes, a candle and an orchid. What? I might not want to be super girly any more but I’m still human.


The only thing I’m not sure about are the curtains. I’m considering switching them out for a blind so they’re not so, you know, lacy…but I kind of enjoy the light these curtains let in. I still dream about the windows in the house I grew up in – if you’ve ever gone to sleep with the sound of rain on a VELUX® window you’ll know what I mean – it’s what white noise is to a grumbling newborn. Blissful, and with none of the worries that come with deciding which curtains look best. Remote control blinds are where it’s at: you heard it here first.

IMG_1469I love my bedroom now. Love love love it. It’s just the right size for me and all my bits, the walk-in wardrobe still thrills me each and every day and barring the few times I am hungover I wake up happy every single day here. It’s a sanctuary, a calming place for me to come to drink chamomile tea and watch three episodes of Desperate Housewives. Because what more do you want out of life?

QUESTION TIME: the pictures in this post are making me think I should iron my pillowcases. The one time I ironed my pillowcases I got neck ache because I was worried about sleeping on them too hard and creasing them up. Is pillowcase ironing A Thing I should be getting on board with? 

Thank-you to VELUX for partnering with More Than Toast and making my needless interior upgrades possible :) 



The New Lounge: Feeding My Cushion Obsession

Cushions on my sofaThe lounge. I think it might be my favourite room in the new house. Which I realise is something I’ve said about every single room of this house but when it comes to my home I’m obviously not monogamous. I’m a free house-loving machine!

The living space here is actually an L-shape which goes through to the kitchen; it hasn’t always been this way but when I was waiting to move in we decided that knocking the kitchen wall down would make the space a lot lighter and happier. It’s not ideal – I can’t cook dinner listening to Taylor Swift while the kids watch the magic hour of Peppa Pig without going a bit crazy with all the noise – but I love that I can be in the kitchen and simultaneously keep an eye on the destruction, erm I mean ‘imaginative play’ in the lounge.

Heart-shaped Ivy Blue lamp

Something I’ve always been convinced about when it comes to interiors is that the grown-ups can relax a lot easier if they don’t feel like they live in a house stuffed with toys. I know that come 7.30pm when everyone is finally asleep, all I want to do is sit on a sofa in front of a Real Housewives marathon and not be staring into the eyes of Tigger. Which is why I say: BOXES.  At the end of each day everything that has made its way out onto the floor of the lounge gets put back in a box and forgotten about until the next day when it’s jigsaw/Duplo/tractor/shopkeeper time again.

Rack of Vice magazines

Panda bow-tie cushion

My ‘stuff’ is really important and I  love having it around. I have every single issue of Vice Magazine that I worked on, the artwork I made featuring the kids’ names, my bitchface poster made by Kris and food art by Katie (internet friends RULE). There’s the heart shaped ivy bought as a house-warming gift by my auntie, the lamps I made over with some spray paint last summer and my beloved scented candles.

And of course there are my all-important cushions. Seriously, in my opinion a good (or bad) cushion can make or break a room and I’m delighted with my current combination. Just see how different the sofa looks in my old house with different cushions!  The large ones are IKEA, the star cushion is Urban Outfitters and my geometric patterned cushion is B&Q.

But my favourite of all the cushions is this guy who was sent to me courtesy of Iwantoneofthose.com – he’s awesome and cute and we have (i.e. Elfie has) named him Kevin. Kevin the Kool Panda Bear. Or something.

My sofa is an IKEA Karlstad and is amazing because even though the label says you can’t machine wash the cushions, you can. Very handy with a 1 and a 3 year old, but moreso because I have a dad who has a tendency to spill curry.

My blanket is Laura Ashley and we’re still loving it for cuddling up under during these cold winter days. Yay, warmth!

Lounge artwork

Famille summerbelle mapThis is where I like to sit of an evening with a big glass of red and a magazine. Until I slump so far down with tiredness that I have to send myself to bed, that is. Everyone seems to have one of these IKEA chairs but that is because they’re bloody comfy and can fit you plus three children on. It’s the tardis of chairs! My lovely world map print is Famille Summerbelle and all my storage boxes are IKEA (where else?).

Flower on my table The new lounge This room makes me feel happy. It’s not huge – just the right size for my little family – but it’s a room full of cuddles and love, flowers and fairy lights. I still can’t get enough of the Urban Outfitters rug (which I personally believe sparked the idea for Bryony’s new blog design ;)  and every time I look at our dining area table that I Annie Sloane’d I feel a dash of pride. Our little family of three might not always be perfect but I built our home from the ground up (metaphorically, I didn’t actually build the house…) and we muddle along in our own happy way. I love this home and the people in it very very much.