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Great Ormond Street Mums

Great Ormond Street Mums

I don’t do self-pity.
I used to do it like a bloody boss. If I had a sniffle, a slight tummy ache or had slept less than seven hours the night before you would know about it. Even if we weren’t friends I would make sure you knew about it. Because I liked to moan.

Elfie Huxley

#DearCarpetright… Win A New Floor

One thing I love about having kids is the situations they are constantly getting themselves into. Hux is always coming home with nursery with funny notes detailing what he did that day and exactly why he had to go into the record book for it and Elfie… she’s just Elfie.


Elfie: My #ARWOMAN

You may have seen the #ARWOMAN campaign floating around a couple of blogs recently.
It is a movement created by Atterley Road, whose goal it is to get women openly celebrating other woman.

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The Day Elfie Became A Princess

For reasons I really want to write about at a later date, I’ve become somewhat of a feminist in the last 12 months. It’s been an odd thing – I’ve gone from feeling slightly ambivalent about feminism to being confident that I strongly identify this way.


Elfie Is 4! Again!

I‘d totally forgotten when I wrote about Elfie’s fourth birthday fails a couple of weeks ago that we’d get to do it all over again soon after: her birthday party!
In the whole process of organizing Elfie a 4th birthday party I did one thing incredibly right and one thing incredibly wrong.