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5 Ways to save money in 2016

Everyone can benefit from saving money and the good news is that it’s easier than ever to shave not just pennies but pounds from our outgoings. If you’re trying to spend less in 2016, make sure you’re doing all of the following…
Stop smoking
The big one, if you still smoke – and unbelievably, many do.


8 ways to save room in your home

When it comes to saving room in your home you might be looking at your piles of belongings littering the furniture and your cluttered shelves and decide it’s time to get your place in order and employ some room saving space tactics. If you’re wondering what these tactics are then here are eight to try out:


First, take some time to remove anything you don’t need in your home.


Saving Money On Your Energy Bills With Energy Efficient Windows

I am cold!
Not on the inside, of course. On the inside I am as warm as a bubbling volcano, a volcano who likes to give hugs and compliments and make people feel happy. But on the outside – my outside is cold. In particular my toes and nose. Brrr.
One of the battles I have between the warm me and the cold me is at winter.
The me that likes fresh air, the outside and the parks (i.e.


The Art of Hygge

When winter comes I really get into the whole hibernation thing. You know what I mean? Scented candles, blankets, red wine, pillows, Netflix, stew with dumplings. Think of the inside of Father Christmas’s house crossed with a Diptyque x Habitat x Le Creuset concession and you’re just about there.
Until this year I thought the big love I had for hibernation was laziness more than anything.


5 Ways To Master The WAHM Life

Once they welcome a new baby, women needn’t choose between heading back to the office and giving up their careers to become stay-at-home mums. Contemporary mums are often embracing a third option: becoming WAHMs. That’s shorthand for work-at-home mums, a term which describes any mum making a living from the comfort of home.
The perks are obvious.

single mums
Single Life

Single Parent Positivity

I finally realised how under-represented single parents are in our society when I last upgraded my iPhone’s OS. The Emoji keyboard updates caused celebrations on Social Media because AT LAST! Alternative families were finally represented in teeny tiny cartoon form.


10 reasons why you should insure your valuables

When the weather turns foul in winter local newspapers tend to fill with stories of natural disasters; floods and high wind are two of the most common. Those two phenomena are usually responsible for the destruction of property and belongings, and often in the most tragic story there will be a little line somewhere in the print relating to insurance – and sometimes the lack of it.