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MTT Does McDonald’s #ad

October 25, 2016
healthy happy meals

I always think that McDonald’s is a bit of a family institution. I’ve been going with my own parents ever since I was a tot – special treats only, once I even had a Ronald McDonald birthday there! – and it’s somewhere I have been happy to take my own kids as they’ve grown older. As an adult, there’s something really comforting about McDonald’s. There’s always room in my life for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal (yum) and you…

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What’s in your future? #ad

October 21, 2016
Surviving single parent holiday

As a millennial (just about), I feel like I have grown up a lot slower than those living in my parents’ generation. If anyone ever asks me how old I am I instinctively say 28 – I’m 31 – and I don’t feel responsible enough to have children yet, really (oops, who left me in charge of Elfie and Hux?!). By this age my parents were well on their way up the property ladder, properly planning for their futures. I…

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WIN! £100 of Shopkins Goodies

October 20, 2016

My daughter is obsessed with Shopkins. OBSESSED. As are her friends. Whenever they’re together talking about Shopkins they usually rope me in: “which is your favourite Shopkins, mummy?” Elfie asks. “Err, I dunno, the fuzzy loo roll?” is my usual answer. I mean, it’s a fuzzy loo roll, what’s not to love? Elfie and her friends always roll around laughing at my favourite Shopkins. Apparently that’s Not Cool. The cool Shopkins to like are the French fries, the ice creams…

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5 Indoor After School Activities

October 19, 2016
the power of me time

The hours of 3.30pm-5.30pm are what I like to call ‘the afternoon dead time’. It’s time when the kids are tired from school and would like nothing more to come home and flop in front of an iPad, but because I’m mean mummy I’d rather not let them: we should be learning! Growing as people! Spending time as a family together! It’s time when I try not to arrange too many crazy energy-expelling activities as, if I do, they just…

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6 Tips For A Quick Home Clean-Up

October 18, 2016

Nobody likes to clean, but it’s a necessary evil. However, that doesn’t mean the task should take you all day to complete. Take a look at the following tips to make your home clean-up go 10 times quicker. Create a Cleaning Schedule and Stick to It Most people spend a little extra time on Saturdays to get their homes clean. If it takes you a really long time to clean your home, it’s probably because you aren’t following a regular…

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Self-Employment: Finding Flexible Working Hours

October 17, 2016
flexible working hours

One of the main reasons to quit the rat race to work for yourself is flexibility. And by that I mean the flexibility to live your life in a way that’s most productive for you, whether that means being able to pick up and drop off your kids from school every day or spending more time with your husband: it’s your life, you should build it your way. When I first started working freelance I missed this point a bit.…

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Online Earning: The Money Shed

October 14, 2016
the money shed

So you’re a new mum who needs to start bringing in a bit of income, and you’d like to do it from home with zero outlay. Where on earth do you begin? I have just the man for you! Jon runs earn-at-home website The Money Shed and, having spoken to him on this topic, I can can confirm he is a veritable expert in the art of making money online. I wanted to get the low-down on how you could make…

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How To Set Up A Small Business

October 13, 2016
set up small business

Once you’ve decide to join the freelance or self-employed working world it can be difficult to know where the heck to begin. For me, it was an approach of a small (£200) project with an ex-work colleague – influencer outreach for Glastonbury 2010 (!!) – which prompted me to set up a website (which is now in its 5th or 6th iteration) and formally offer my Marketing services as a business to the world. It seemed like a no-brainer. It…

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The Struggle To Return To Work As Mum

October 12, 2016
working mums

One of the things that bugs me most about the society we live in is how difficult it is for mums to return to the world of work. Or rather, return to the world of work that is familiar to us, that we experienced before we went off to birth our children (or, as far as some of our employers are concerned, have children AND lobotomies). If it’s not a money thing it’s a time thing; working in London with…

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A Day In The Life of My Legs: Scholl Light Legs

October 4, 2016
scholl lighter legs tights

I’m not one of those people who celebrates the arrival of Autumn. While others are banging on about trees changing colour, cashmere jumpers and pumpkin spice lattes (never had one and PROUD) I’m in the corner quietly fuming that I’ve had to pack away my favourite denim shorts in favour of jeans and tights. Because I like the sunshine. I like the way too hot car, the sticky days at work, the hot nights under the sheets. I like feeling…

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New Parents: It Does Get Better

September 29, 2016
Happy Birthday hux

When it comes to the depiction of motherhood, Hollywood has a lot to answer for. Think about it: even in the dope-smoking world of the movie ‘Knocked Up’, once baby’s born (via a massively cringe-inducing crowning scene, natch) even the jobless deadbeat dad and uncertain mum film are projected into the world of starry-eyed parenting perfection. Then there’s a bumbling uncertain Hugh Grant, who manages to become father of the year in Nine Months, and just look at how Sex and…

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