Most Famous Coronation Street Quotes


Coronation Street is the longest running soap opera in the world. The show set in the fictional city of Weatherfield, a northern working class town based on Salford in Greater Manchester, has been around since 1960. After 53 years of filming at the Granada Studios, the show is now moving filming locations to MediaCityUK in Greater Manchester.

Having been around for so long, there has been a whole host of memorable quotes over the years. In celebration of the upcoming move, Gala Bingo, official partners with the show, have put together a list of the most famous Coronation Street quotes to celebrate their Corrie games on-site. But will your favourite character’s quote make it into the Top 5?

“Lovely – she just sat up, broke wind, and died.”

This blunt quote was uttered by Ena Sharples in the second episode, which aired in 1960. She is discussing death with Martha and says that she would like to go out just like her mother did. Martha says she thinks that is a lovely thought, to which Ena replies with the above quote.

“Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?”

In 1993 the audience found out that Raquel’s French skills leave a little bit to be desired. Teacher Ken Barlow tries to teach Raquel some French, who was already told how to say “Isn’t it a lovely day today?” by a man she met in Corfu. This mysterious stranger fooled the naive Raquel, who believed him. This led to the comedy gold she delivered when Ken asks her to say “Hello Ken. My name is Raquel. Isn’t it a lovely day today?” She confidently replies: “Bonjour Ken. Je m’appelle Raquel. Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?”

“Skirt no bigger than a belt, too much eyeliner, and roots as dark as her soul.”

Blanche Hunt was well known for her blunt utterances. In an episode in 2005 she made this snide remark about Liz McDonald, which is a perfect example of her punchy one-liners.

“What do you want most in all the world? – A wardrobe.”

In 1973 a drunk Deirdre Hunt asks Alan Howard to ask her what she wants most in all the world. He complies and it turns out that Deirdre wants nothing more than a wardrobe. Such simplicity is simply endearing and somehow sticks in your brain.

And last but not least, this line delivered by Hilda Ogden in an episode in 1977: “Woman, Stanley – woman!” She is on the second honeymoon with her husband Stan, who kisses her and then asks “What’s that lipstick taste of?” to which Hilda replies with this punchy remark.

Coronation Street has been around for such a long time now that it is no surprise that there are plenty of memorable quotes from the show. The Gala list is only a small taster and you can find more quotes on Coronation Street’s IMDB. We all hope that the new cobbled streets of Weatherfield will bring some more great quotes with them.


Shoe Shopping For Kids With Dr. Martens

IMG_1888We love shoes in our house. I love them because, well, I just do. Flats, heels boots… I’ll take ‘em all. Elfie loves shoes as sparkly as she can get; pink monstrosities that I always vowed I’d never buy a daughter of mine until I was won over by the sensibilities of Clarks. Damn you, Clarks. Hux loves shoes, but mostly mine or Elfie’s shoes, his particular favourite being a pair of tartan wellies with bows on.

We’re an interesting bunch when it comes to our footwear.

IMG_1899 IMG_1892

So a few weeks ago when Dr. Martens invited us in to their Milton Keynes store we were really excited. Time dedicated to looking for new shoes for my feet loving twosome? Perfect!

IMG_1886 IMG_1890

I haven’t been that aware of the DM brand in the last few years. Back at school they were THE shoe to have and when I worked at Vice the cooler, more punky creatives would wear them. I was excited to check out how they’d evolved over the last few years and to see what their kids’ range was like.

IMG_1902 IMG_1901 IMG_1900

So off we went to the store in Milton Keynes!

The shop itself was lovely. There was no pumping music and overwhelming customer service a la Office, just plush carpets, a vintage sofa and quietly welcoming staff. Speaking of whom, the lady who served us was fantastic with the kids; Elfie is always ever so well behaved but in such an exciting situation Hux has a tendency to be a little more, shall we say, spirited. They took it in their stride and didn’t seem to mind my little terror – and the lollies certainly helped!

IMG_1903 IMG_1904

Elfie was overjoyed at the prospect of choosing her own shoes and headed straight for the Mary Janes. We tried on a couple of pairs before she decided on the patent version, and very pleased she is with them too! I love to see her tastes develop as she gets older and am all kinds of chuffed that she gets as excited about shoes as I do ;) These ones are comfy and look great, and will be perfect for when she starts school in September.

Hux was slightly more frenetic when it came to trying on shoes so together we quickly chose a pair of boots. Now, I don’t often go ga-ga over kids shoes (far too sensible for that) but these are just GORGEOUS. They are so incredibly cute and really do turn him into a proper wee man. Happy sigh – I love them.

IMG_1910 IMG_1908 IMG_1906We left Dr. Martens having had a really lovely shopping experience, and treated the well-behaved (well, 50% of them were) babies to a Pizza Express lunch. The least said about that the better; just know that Hux came home with butter in his hair that evening.

IMG_1926 IMG_1928

Thank you so much to Dr. Martens in Milton Keynes for treating my two to a new pair of shoes and for showing us a thoroughly wonderful shoe shopping experience! We will definitely be back.

Dr. Martens, 91 Silbury Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 3AG

For 10% off at the Milton Keynes store just show this blog post to the sales assistant – happy shopping!



Terms and Conditions

For 10% off at Dr. Martens Milton Keynes store – show this blog post in-store on a smart phone or print out. Discount is valid until 21/8/14 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Discount is at the discretion of the store manager.

The Dream Home: Au Natural

One of the best things about my job with IKEA Family Live is the fact that I get to look at beautiful homes each and every day. I’ve always had an interest in houses – not so much in interiors but in crafting a home out of the space I live in – and being paid to work with beautiful spaces seems to suit me down to the ground.


Minimalist kid’s bedroom via IKEA Family Live

We’ve been in our current home about 8 months now (how did that happen?) and I’ve been thinking a while what our next steps will be. I love the house we’re in at the moment, it’s small but perfectly formed ;), but I know it’s not our forever home. I want my kids to grow up with more of an outdoorsy lifestyle than we currently have but until I’ve saved up for my Spanish beach bar I’m reflecting that in my interior tastes.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 16.02.39

Monochrome living space with natural wood accents at Style Me Pretty

Right now I’m wild over the influences of nature: aged wood, muted colour palettes, greenery. White walls that will be uber practical with mucky fingered kids, I’m sure…

05374e7818fbbdb3967f5c589eded8b5Bright and light kitchen via Dwell

Slate tiles and light upon light upon light, with a little help from VELUX windows. I want my home to always feel beautifully happy and sunny inside, even in the dead of winter.


To-die-for Californian home at A Cup Of Jo

This natural wood headboard in the bedroom of one of my favourite bloggers is still my most favoured item in the last couple of months; it brings such character and warmth to the room and is a piece that will last forever. Want!

What’s your dream home currently looking like?

This post was brought to you with VELUX. 

Elfie Is 4! Again!


I’d totally forgotten when I wrote about Elfie’s fourth birthday fails a couple of weeks ago that we’d get to do it all over again soon after: her birthday party!

In the whole process of organizing Elfie a 4th birthday party I did one thing incredibly right and one thing incredibly wrong. The right thing was that I agreed it was a great idea to split the birthday party with a friend who is way more capable and organized than I am; her little fella Ralph is 4 at the end of July, is one of Elfie’s BFF’s and was the Joseph to her Mary in the pre-school nativity. Hi, Amy!


IMG_1966The thing I did wrong was choose to make the cake the morning of the party. WHY, Alice, WHY? I suppose it was too tall to fit into the fridge with all the party food but seriously… that stress was not good. Especially when layer 2 didn’t play ball and decided to jam as two pieces. I fixed it, I don’t think anybody noticed, but still. Stress levels: stratospheric.

Sidenote: if anyone needs to make a chocolate cake it was this one . I found the batter stretched to four of my tins but in general it was pretty straightforward to make. 



It turned out that, despite us having minimal time together to plan (thank you new job and crazy schedule) the party turned out fabulously. Amy took care of decorations and the games, her mum provided the dance moves for the 4 year olds and I took care of the food, the cake and a kick-ass Spotify Playlist. Which I’m definitely not listening to right now. Honest.


IMG_1989The village hall looked fabulous, the turnout was great, and we had a wonderful two hours doing everything you’re supposed to do. That is, get sweaty dancing to Katy Perry choons and play musical statues. Amy’s ‘Pin The Lips On The Alien’ was a total hit (I loved it) and I think we had 20 very satisfied (and hyperactive) customers come 3pm.


As we’d said the kids could come in fancy dress Elfie wanted to be Princess Elsa (obvs – she looked beautiful) and Ralph was a dashing Spiderman.  Hux was ‘boy in jeans and tshirt who was just going to run around like a maniac and spill things anyway’. He carried it well.


There was a Pimms station for the grownups, because what is a kid’s party without a little bit of booze? Calm down mumsnet, it was post-midday (but we still would have had one if it wasn’t… ;). Amy was given the fantastic Pimms vessel for her recent wedding and you can get it at John Lewis. It was genius.



IMG_2019And the cake! The sparklers were amazing and the birthday boy and girl did a great job of blowing out the candles together. Party bags were handed out, the mums (and dads and aunties and grandparents) tidied up and sighed in relief that kids only have one birthday a year. I don’t know about Amy but I went home and took a good long nap. And ate a piece of that cake.


Happy birthday (again) gorgeous girl! What a wonderful way to celebrate the end of your pre-school years with your very best friends. How about next year we just take a couple of them to the cinema?!

How To Make Fondant Icing Flower Biscuits


With summer well and truly here it’s time to enjoy picnics in the countryside, days at the beach and lazy afternoons lounging in the garden. And what better treat to enjoy while you’re relaxing than some homemade fondant icing flower biscuits?

Biscuits are a great grab and go snack, and you don’t need to be too careful when taking them along for a day out, unlike cupcakes or a big cake which can easily get damaged in transit.

Using fondant icing for a topping on the biscuits makes them visually appealing and also adds an extra hint of sweetness. Plus in this recipe you’ll also get to test your decorating skills with some royal icing painting.

This recipe makes about 12 biscuits.

You’ll need the following to make these fondant icing biscuits:
• 125g of butter or margarine
• 55g of caster sugar
• 180g plain flour
• 250g blue fondant icing
• 250g pink fondant icing
• Apricot jam
• 2 medium egg whites
• 340g icing sugar

To Bake

There’s nothing difficult or surprising about this shortbread recipe, so these are great to make off the cuff and particularly fun to bake with kids.
• Put your oven on to preheat at 190oC.
• Take your butter and caster sugar and cream them together until the mixture is smooth.
• Gradually stir in the plain flour until the mixture combines into a smooth paste.
• Shape the dough up into a ball and wrap it in cling film then place in the fridge for about 30 minutes to firm up.
• Once the dough is cool, dust down your work surface with some flour. Then knead the dough gently and roll it out to your desired thickness. This is up to you but don’t roll it out too thin otherwise your biscuits will be hard and brittle.
• Use a 4cm round cutter to press out the biscuit shapes.
• Grease and line a baking tray and bake the biscuits in the oven for 15-20 minutes until they are a pale golden-brown.
• Allow the biscuits to cool on a wire rack.

To Decorate
For decoration you’ll be using both fondant icing and royal icing. But don’t worry, although the flowers look intricate and artistic there’s an easy method to follow which will help you achieve the end result.

• Take your blue and pink fondant icing and knead them both until pliable. Dust your work surface down with icing sugar and then roll out the fondant icing. About 2mm is right for this kind of application.
• Boil up some apricot jam and allow to cool, then brush each biscuit with a light covering.
• Using the same cutter you used to press out the biscuits cut out circles of the fondant icing and fix them into place on your biscuits.
• Now to create the flowers take a small flower cutter and gently press it into the fondant icing to give yourself an outline to apply the royal icing around, but don’t press it all the way through.
• Make your royal icing by beating your egg whites into the icing sugar until you get a soft peak consistency.
• Attach a number 2 piping tube to your icing bag and then fill the bag halfway with your icing.
• Apply your royal icing onto the fondant icing following the outline of the flower pattern.
• Take a clean dry paint brush and drag the royal icing into the centre of the flower to create the painted look.
• Finally pipe the centre of the flower into place.

Let the royal icing set and there you have it, a beautiful selection of fondant icing biscuits to enjoy on a summer day trip or share with friends over a cup of tea in the garden.

MTT: Kid-Friendly Spanish Paella Recipe


Kid-friendly Paella Recipe

I try to get my kids to eat as much multicultural food as possible. They both adore curries (especially poppadoms for breakfast the day after a takeaway… #supermum), we recently had a proper American feast of pulled pork and cornbread and traditional carbonara is one of their favoruites. Ditto American maple pancakes for breakfast!

Because cooking is such a love of mine I really enjoy teaching them the origins of where our food comes from and talk about how this differs from country to country – sometimes we get the atlas out and it turns into a lovely little geography lesson.

Kid-friendly Paella Recipe

One of our favourite cuisines to delve into is Spanish. I’ve been to both Madrid and Barcelona and just love the Spanish tapas style of eating; lots of nibbly bits of cheese, meats and fried stuff with copious amounts of Estrella, natch. HEAVEN. The children have an Auntie living in Madrid and with a new cousin en España I see it as my parenting duty to eat loads of chorizo ;)

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