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Nadiya Hussain wins the bake off

Feminist Lessons From Nadiya Hussein

  I’m never going to put boundaries on myself ever again. I’m never going to say “I can’t do it”. I’m never going to say “maybe”. I’m never going to say “I don’t think I can” I can and I will. – Nadiya Hussein This is for anyone out there who doubts themselves, who worries they’re […]…

Newborn Hux

How Do You Know Your Family Is Complete?

Last week I wrote about how I don’t like being referred to as a mummy blogger, because DURR I write about way more than my kids, yeah? Today I’m going to write about my kids. I’ve noticed that at the age of 30 my friends are starting to have babies. At 24 I realise I […]…


Oh Crap, I Am A Mummy Blogger

I don’t like being called a mummy blogger. There, I said it. I am so many things. A woman, a single parent, a businesswoman, a mummy, a cook, a gym-goer, a shoe-lover, a fan of books. So why aren’t I a businesswoman blogger? Or a shoe-loving blogger? Or a divorce blogger? Because a part of my […]…

Love + Dating

The One Where I See My Best Friend Get Married

When I got divorced I worried that I would stop believing in marriage. I remember going to my cousin’s wedding soon after the split, concerned that I’d be all cynical and jaded about love. But I totally wasn’t – with Elfie as flower girl and a bow-tie on my date (Hux) it was a really amazing day and […]…


5 things to remember to do before moving

Organisation is key when it comes to moving house. There are so many things to consider ahead of time that it can be seriously easy to let something important slip under the radar. To avoid additional stress and anxiety, we have come up with these five things that you must remember to do BEFORE moving […]…


5 of the best bikes for teens learning to ride

Right at the bottom of your list of choices is the dreaded blue bottle bike – the motorcycle you can hear buzzing around way before you see it. No, if you’re learning to ride, you undoubtedly want something that combines good looks with light handling, plenty of nip and low running costs. So the next […]…