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The Spring Picnic

April 28, 2016
spring picnics

Sometimes, in the spring and summer, I wonder what to do with the children in our free time. In the winter it’s easy peasy. It’s freezing cold and/or raining, so we hide away indoors, whether that’s at home with movies or at soft play or swimming. We might be in indoor slide/ball-pit hell (there’s always one kid who wees in there), but it’s job done. But then when the sun’s out we have such a wealth of outdoor options available to…

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Take Three: Face Masks

April 25, 2016
top face masks

Face masks are one of the beauty treatments that I must do weekly. Even if I don’t have time to do my full facial routine, a quick face mask makes me feel refreshed, ready to ‘face’ (HAH) the world. There are hundreds of masks out there to choose from, but here are my top three. I use each one for different reasons, whether my skin is feeling dull, dry or congested. Take your pick! FOR TROUBLE SKIN: Clinique Pore Refining Charcoal Mask This…

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London With Kids: Chi Kitchen

April 23, 2016
8 Hours in London with Kids

I think it’s OK to admit that, when my children were little, taking them for big days out wasn’t my favourite thing to do. Even if there was another pair of hands to help the experience would be this huge production – from the huge hurdle that was getting everything you need packed into one bag (and the list of stuff you need for a young child is ENDLESS) to manoeuvring a buggy over rough terrain or up and down escalators… it…

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The Summer Sofa

April 20, 2016
My Summer Sofa

Can we just pause for one moment and appreciate just HOW glorious this weather is? Granted, I spent most of today in an office writing press releases (which was actually quite good fun… just don’t tell anyone I said that) but I busted out my trainers this evening to enjoy a run in the evening sunshine. Well, kind of. I’m not going to be sprinting a superfast 10k any time soon, but I have joined the beginner’s class at my local…

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Sick Days (and Long Nights)

April 19, 2016
Sick days

Hold out your clenched hand in front of you. Release your first, second and third fingers. Got it? Three, that’s what you can see, THREE. THAT is the amount of times that I have suffered a tummy upset at the hands of a 3 and 5 year old in the last six weeks. THREE TIMES in the last FORTY-TWO DAYS. I am sick of being sick. I guess it’s my own fault for giving birth to a child who has…

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5 perfect cars for young drivers

April 19, 2016

In the digital age of cameras on mobile phones and cheap DLSRs there is one moment that any proud parent would want to capture in their teenager’s life; the handing over of the first set of car keys. Unless they’re one of the horrific ‘Rich kids of Instagram’, who boast of Bentleys and Rolls Royces as if they are nothing, then the main factor in choosing the vehicle for both parent and youngster alike will be cost. Here are five…

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Life Me

Losing Your Spark (Then Finding It Again)

April 14, 2016
Who run the world? Girls

This winter was a bit strange for me. I felt metaphorically stuck. Bogged down, heavy, tired. I was lacking drive and confidence at work, my get up and go had left the building: when you’re a mum you usually have LOTS of get up and go. It was in all aspects of my life – my clothes always looked crap, work felt rubbish, I was dropping balls all over the place, couldn’t be arsed for the gym and my usual…

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3 Decor Ideas for Indoors and Outdoors

April 12, 2016

Whether you’re getting ready for those holiday guests or you want to upgrade your spring cleaning to a decorative do-it-yourself project, these fun decor ideas will certainly do the trick. The Festive Mailbox Image via Flickr by kennymatic Flowers, outdoor furniture, shutters, a new door design—while all of these are great ways to spruce up your home’s exterior, one of the best and unique ways to showcase your excellent design taste is through your mailbox. From the holidays to the…

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MTT Travel: Chasing Sleep With TEMPUR at Pennyhill Park

April 7, 2016
pennyhill park review

If I’m passionate about one thing, it’s ‘me time’. And sleep. OK, so that’s two things, but when you’re a sleep-deprived mother you tend to spend an inordinate amount of your ‘me time’ catching up on sleep, LOVELY SLEEP, so it goes hand-in-hand. And so, on the weekends when the children are with their dad, I quite often find myself chasing the best quality sleep possible. This usually involves one of the following: a big bed, a glass of something…

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Welcome, HomeSense Milton Keynes!

April 6, 2016
HomeSense Milton Keynes

My friends and I were discussing our obsession with interiors recently. Akin to our love of fashion in our early twenties, our preoccupations with cushions, wallpaper and lampshades has over-ridden our desire to buy the latest dresses and shoes. We all wondered why, until we came to the conclusion that EVERYTHING looks good in our homes, whereas not everything looks good on our pregnancy-ravaged bodies any more ;) There’s no scary strip-light changing room moment when shopping for a new lighting…

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10 Ways You Know You’re a Work-From-Home Parent In The Holidays

April 5, 2016

Hooray! It’s the Easter holidays! Otherwise known at that time when the kids are off school and us lucky Freelancing parents – workload depending – get to juggle the delight of our children being at home while we frantically attempt to not lose work momentum (or our minds). Hah. Good luck with that. I genuinely miss the bones of my two when they’re at school. They are the lights of my life and there is nobody I’d rather spend time…

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