My name is Alice. I’m a Digital Consultant, Writer, Single Mother, reformed Tinder peruser, Sauvignon Blanc aficionado, sometime swimwear model and Netflix enthusiast (no added chill, for now).

I live 30 minutes outside of London in the cultural epicenter of Milton Keynes where I mostly enjoy roundabouts, the massive shopping centre and my proximity to Waitrose and my local gym.  I’m a 31 year old happy single mother of two children, Elfie and Hux, who are 6 and 4. I’m a business owner, self-deprecator, book lover and a hustler, baby.

On a good day I look like that photo there on the right. If you want to see me on a bad day, meet me at 8.50am on any Monday at the school gates.


I really enjoy working, cooking, travelling, the gym, making my home more home-y and eating out. I’m always punctual except for when it comes to the school run (see above), spend too much time on my hair and not enough time sleeping. I always wanted to be a writer as a kid but ended up in marketing instead; my blog was the next best thing. And is now my job. So hey, I guess I’m a writer now?

My old life was a busy one; I worked for a global magazine and media company, lived in Central London and could always be found 3 martinis down at Shoreditch House. 5 years, one marriage break-up and a lot of soul-searching later and you will usually find me pottering at home with a cup of tea. Apart from on special occasions – then I’ll still be at Shoreditch House with a martini in hand.

About I separated from my ex-husband 3 years ago and my experiences as a single mum are something I like writing about here. You’ll also catch me musing about dating, food, home and anything else that catches my attention that week.

I started blogging about motherhood as soon as I found out I was pregnant in November 2009: I’ve recorded each of my pregnancies – first with Elfie, then with Hux – as well as my struggle with post-natal depression in 2012. I’ve also written about my experiences with a child who has had medical issues – my daughter was born with a chronic and lifelong genetic condition called CAH, secondary to 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficiency. It’s super rare and she is super special.

You might say I’m an oversharer, I prefer open book.

shutterflies-037 This blog is here to record the highlights of my little family’s life so I will have lots of wonderful memories to look back on when I can’t remember much (which is now, if I’m honest. Damn that sleep deprivation).

I work from home for myself on this here site and others as a blogger and digital marketing consultant. You may have seen me talking motherhood in publications such as The Telegraph, where I have a column, Mother & Baby, Women’s Fitness, Gurgle and The Sun. I’ve also been interviewed by Jane Garvey on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour which was a huge honour and have been a panelist on The Alan Titchmarsh Show which was somewhat less of an honour.


You can see my professional portfolio here. I’m always interested in new ideas for Online Marketing projects and am open to professional collaborations on my blog, please email me on hello@alicejt.com to discuss.

You may also direct all marriage proposals to the above address.