Hello. My name is Alice. I look like this:


Or at least I did that one night a couple of years ago when I remembered to viagra cheap buy online put my lipstick in my handbag.

Sometimes I also look like this. Instagram filters are my friend.


I am a 29-year-old Digital Consultant and Director living 30 minutes outside of London. I’m a happy single mother of two children, Elfie and Hux, who are 4 and 3. Though noisy they are the coolest people I know.


I enjoy working, cooking, travelling, the gym, making my home more home-y and eating out. I’m always punctual except for when it comes to the school run, spend too much time on follow link my hair and not enough time sleeping. I always wanted to be a writer as a kid but ended up in marketing instead; my blog is the next best thing. And is lovelovefilms.com now my job. So hey, I guess I’m a writer now?


Awkward family photos

My old life was a very busy one; I worked for a magazine, lived in Central London and could always be found 3 martinis down at Shoreditch House. 5 years, one divorce and a lot of soul-searching later and you will usually find me pottering at home in North Buckinghamshire. I’ve never been happier.

I do go on far too many bad dates, though.


I work from home for myself as a blogger and digital consultant, and part-time as a Digital Account Director for a Marketing Agency. You can see my professional portfolio here. I’m always interested in new ideas for Online Marketing projects and am open to professional collaborations on my blog, please email me on hello@alicejt.com to discuss.

This blog is here to record the highlights of my little family’s life, so I will have lots of wonderful memories to look back on when I can’t remember much (which is now, if I’m honest. Damn that sleep deprivation).


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