5 Comic Book Inspired Bedroom Ideas for Kids

January 26, 2017
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Are you planning to redecorate your child’s bedroom? Well, if so, you might feel like trying out a comic book inspired theme: it’s a colourful option, packed with shapes, energy and plenty of fun, so it’s bound to get the seal of approval from your little one! Here are five ideas to try…

  1. Cover the walls in actual comic books

If you’re happy to jump straight into the deep end with comic book theme in your child’s room, why not make a feature wall using pages from old comics? Simply paste the comics in an arrangement rather than applying wallpaper, and seal it off with a coat of varnish. It’ll make an eye-catching design statement, and it will also encourage your child to spend a little more time in their bedroom reading. Not so keen on making a décor commitment of this size? Simply cover the light switches in pages from old comic books instead for a subtle but effective compromise.

  1. Paint the room in the right shade of superhero

Every superhero has a colour we associate them with: the sky blue of superman’s outfit, the deep green of the Green Hornet or the slightly lime-y green hue of the Hulk – so paint your child’s room in the colour of their favourite comic book character. If you don’t fancy being quite this bold however, simply introduce these colours into accent pieces by way of rugs, curtains or picture frames. This is a much better option if your child’s favourite character happens to be Batman, for obvious reasons!

  1. Buy superhero bed sheets

A novelty duvet set is one of the most exciting ways to introduce a bit of comic book inspiration to a children’s room, so get online and look for duvet cover and pillow cases from your child’s favourite superhero’s. There are plenty on offer, including this Marvel Defenders set from Amazon.

Of course, superheroes need a good night’s rest if they’re going to have the strength to fight bad guys all day, so make sure your little one has a comfortable bed to snooze in too. Divan Beds Centre has a range of options for kids, and there’s even optional underneath storage for tidying away those capes, masks and superhero weapons…

  1. Hang masks on the wall

 If fixing comic book posters to the wall feels a bit boring, why not do something more fun (and cheap!) like hanging superhero masks instead? You can pick up cheap Halloween masks from various comic book characters, arranging them in a line or cluster and displaying them in place of art.

In fact, why not hang the superhero masks lower down so your child can reach them? That way, they can become their favourite comic book character whenever the way, and you’ll be able to tidy the masks away on the wall at the end of the day, using the wall as storage space.

  1. Use an eye mask to tie back curtains

Finally, using eye masks to tie back curtains is a simple, super-easy but very effective idea too. The best thing about using eye masks is that it requires very little DIY (especially if you buy them from somewhere like Etsy), and they’re easily changed if your child decides they’ve grown out of the comic book phase…

Will you try any of these comic book inspired ideas for your child’s room?

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