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November 1, 2016
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I think it’s safe to say that parenting is the most time-consuming, click all-encompassing thing you’ll ever do. Whichever way you play it, look having kids changes your life, and if you’re anything like me those changes can send you into a bit of a tailspin.

Who am I kidding, those changes can send you into a full-on meltdown.

But I can say quite confidently that now, after six years of successfully parenting two children (just about, anyway), I’ve found ways to get around being in a state of constant meltdown. You see, parenting takes up so much headspace, housespace, bodyspace… any shortcuts you can find to keep a little back for yourself makes life so much easier.

Which is why I’m a big fan of the parent hacks. The tricks and tips that, when implemented, will mean you can shortcut your way into the parenting success books. Trust me, when you’re simultaneously drowning in a pile of washing, struggling to come to terms with your 5 year old’s phonics homework and burning the lasagne, every little helps!

I’m really excited to show you these videos that may well make your life just that little bit easier. Arla Big Milk have put them together in consultation with parents who know what they’re talking about when it comes to hacks, and these are my top three.

First we have the bathroom door hack. As a mum with two kids who love water, this one is very important in our house. I’m always terrified mine will lock themselves in the bathroom but there’s no need to worry about that with this little trick. Crisis/locksmith charge averted!

Second we have my favourite – messy play without the mess! My two love to get paint all over the place whereas I’m always somewhat less enamoured by the idea. Using a freezer bag to contain the paint here is a genius idea and one that keeps my children entertained for hours

Having children who are now old enough to dress themselves is a weight off my mind – and time off my schedule in the morning. By using this hack to teach them the last step of putting their own shoes on I can sneak back five precious minutes to myself; that’s almost an entire cup of tea’s worth!

And what’s my own top parent hack, I hear you ask?

Most of my hacks revolve around organization of our house – I find that, left unchecked, kids stuff can engulf us all if I’m not careful. Which is why I use a plethora of labelled boxes to store everything, and now the children can read they’re getting in the swing of actually putting stuff away themselves, too. For example, we have boxes labelled ‘Elfie’s Toys’, ‘Hux’s Toys’, ‘Shoes’ – even pants and socks get the labelled treatment (in the form of a child-height drawer). It makes tidying up after a busy day almost a pleasure!

What are your top parent hacks? Arla would love to know! Pop over to their Facebook page to share.

Big thanks to Arla for working with More Than Toast. 

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  • Reply Lucy November 7, 2016 at 10:25 pm

    I like the shoe one. It takes mine ages to put their trainers on when we’re going out the door… I’m going to try this!

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