Education Quizzes: A Review

November 20, 2016
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I‘m really lucky that Elfie is a natural learner: just like I was as a child, she drinks up knowledge like apple juice. Though I may be slightly biased towards the English side of things (I was a book fiend when I was younger) she seems equally into – and good at – maths, and I’m hugely proud of how conscientious she is when it comes to her school work.

Now, I’ll never be a Tiger Mother (have you ever read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother? Terrifying) but as Elfie shows such eagerness to learn I like to give her a hand wherever I can. And as I’m trying to coax the children off the iPads – educational apps or not – I’ve been looking at other opportunities. I do love to sit with her and talk about what she’s learning and working on but I also have a full-time job so I can’t do that for as many hours as the both of us would like ;) Which is why I’ve started investigating alternative online opportunities.

Which is where Education Quizzes comes in.

education quizzes review

Education Quizzes does exactly what it says on the tin: following the curriculum of KS1, KS2, 11-plus, KS3 and GCSE, it contains quizzes that are created by teachers but can be taken in the comfort in a child’s own home, or even at school.

I wanted to sit down with Elfie to run through some of the quizzes, as well as have a go at some myself.

Firstly, I was hugely impressed by the quizzes and the amount of information included in the site. SO MUCH is covered, not just from the early Key Stages but from the curriculum I remember from my own GCSES (gulp) 17 years ago… The information covered seemed familiar to Elfie, and me too from what I’ve seen of her school and home work.

She absolutely stormed her questions. Even the parts I thought might be a little trickier for her – the history and science aspects – were not problem for her. I was heartened to see her do so well.

Her mother, on the other hand… well. It’s scary how much knowledge I’ve lost since school! After failing miserably on a couple of GCSE History tests (Elizabethan England and The League of Nations) I slightly redeemed myself in English Literature: Of Mice and Men and Jane Eyre. It was fun and I enjoyed trying to remember all those things I learned at school.

I was really impressed with Education Quizzes and enjoyed having a go with it not just on my own but with Elfie, too. We’ll definitely spend more time on the site – she’s already been asking to go back on. education quizzes review


A monthly subscription (which can be cancelled at any time) is just £9.95 which I think is great value for money considering the amount of information that is available.

There’s also a package for schools, via which parents and teachers can work together, accessing the quizzes at home and at school. Depending on how many students sign up these cost from £2 per child.


Thanks to Education Quizzes for letting us trial your service – we’ll be back!

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