My Top 5 Autumn Buys

September 22, 2016

I’m going to put my hands up now and say: I’m not really an Autumn person. A steadfast summer girl, I’d be happy if I got to spend my years – all year round – in shorts, flip flops and tshirts. To me, covering up in woolly layers feels unnatural… and often itchy. Not my favourite thing… give me a beach over a mountain any day.

And so, to ease myself in to the harsh realities of crispy leaves and Halloween (ugh) I do what I know best to lighten a difficult situation: I go shopping. Somehow a new pair of black ankle boots or some snuggly cashmere really takes away the burn of those stupid spiced pumpkin caffeinated drinks.

It’s not easy; my first instinct when faced with grey skies and dark evenings is to wrap myself in jersey and blankets, stick some socks on and hibernate on the sofa with a hot water bottle and Netflix. It takes everything I have to lever myself out of the house to go shopping… which is why I do most of it online.

Which is why I think it’s important to book a day out for shopping, think COLOUR rather than drab and treat yourself to something lovely. Beat those autumn blues by beating your debit card! Here’s what I’ll be buying.


An in-between sweater
It’s too warm for a proper woolly jumper yet too cold not to be wearing one. You need an in-between jumper! My favourite can be found in the men’s department at Uniqlo! In soft merino wool, these come in all colours: my favourites are green, blue and pink. These beauties will brighten (and warm) up your day like nobody’s business.

Minimal jewellery
When it starts getting chilly, nobody’s got time for chunky jewellery. I like it light and I like it slim and you can’t go far past wrong the lovely pieces at Elma Jewellery. I’ve got my eye on one of their lovely 9ct gold pendants.

gold boots

A fun pair of boots
This is most definitely going to be the year of the crazy boots for me. I saw some glittery ones recently and, while I thought that might have been a step too far, I’m well into these gold chelsea boots from ASOS. Too much? I think just enough.

A new bag
I’ve REALLY got into being more practical recently, and it’s taken me only 31 years to realise just how brilliant rucksacks are. I love Eastpaks: they’re sturdy, good value for money and remind me of being at school (where I had a purely-for-show mini pink one). For Autumn I’m eyeing up a camo version… lovely.

What will you be buying this autumn?

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