The Complete Green Smoothie Recipe

June 20, 2016
complete green smoothie recipe

I’m a real juicing purist.

Lots of people are on the juicing train and I think that’s brilliant – juicing, sildenafil in conjunction with a healthy diet, is SO good for us. Though some, like me, drink smoothies rather than juices it seems to all fall under the same umbrella of ‘juicing’ (actual juices are created by pressing the fruit or veg): blitzing my veg and fruit leaves the fibre behind which is more filling and nutritionally complete.

My weapon of choice is a Vitamix, though quite prohibitively expensive, a Nutribullet does exactly the same job (my mum has one of these and loves it).

Now, once you’ve decided whether to juice or blitz (#teamblitz), it’s time to work out what kind of juice/smoothie you want to drink.

And this is where the juicing purism comes in. Yes, juicing/blitzing is BRILLIANT, but only if you remember to take your sugar in moderation. Fruit is obviously better for you than chocolate, but it’s not going to do good things for your blood sugar if you ingest a kilo of the stuff via your daily smoothie.

Which is why we need to consider vegetables when it comes to our juicing. I understand that Kale and Cucumber are not the first food items you think about when it comes to wondering what next to stick in your Nutribullet, but there is most definitely a middle ground here.

I’m not saying you should start buying shares in celery, but if you’ve started blitzing (or juicing!) then it’s a great idea to start introducing more veg to get your taste buds acclimatised, upping the nutrition level and cutting down on that blood sugar-spiking fruit.

The best foods to stick in smoothies are green: kale, spinach, swiss chard and green peppers, which all provide vitamins K, C, iron and calcium. All that good stuff. I like to compliment these with sweetness from fruits such as grapes, blueberries (superfood!) apple and pear (though some my find pear gives a weird texture if you don’t blend enough), and I’ve trained myself to not need fruit as much as I used to – usually one small portion per smoothie.

So here you have the best compromise smoothie recipe out there: a little bit of sweetness, a LOT of green. All the goodness.

complete green smoothie recipe

The Complete Green Smoothie

3 romaine lettuce leaves

¼ cucumber

2 sticks celery

A sprig of mint

2 handfuls kale

1 handful blueberries

The juice of half a lemon

Half a small carton of coconut water

Optional: chlorella, spirulina, or something more palatable like Nutridrops


Chuck in together with a couple of ice cubes. Blitz for 30 seconds – 1 minute, depending on how smooth you like your smoothie.

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