Blue For Summer

June 23, 2016

We all know I’m on holiday this week, spending time sunning myself and, oh yeah, I guess entertaining the kids on the sunny island of Kos, Greece. I had a very slim luggage allowance of 20kg (ouch – I normally struggle to fit all the bits I need into 30kg) so I’ve been working really hard to pare down my holiday wardrobe to the bare essentials.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in Greece, or if I just love the colour, but I’ve found that a lot of the clothes I’ve brought with me are in shades of blue; I’m definitely taking the holiday ‘capsule’ wardrobe to a new level. Or maybe it’s my support of the remain campaign in the referendum sneaking through?! Who knows!


Anyway, BLUE has been the colour of my holiday suitcase this year – just as well as it’s one of Pantone’s colours of the year (bang on trend, me). In my opinion, it looks good with a tan, it looks good without a tan, and is a lovely shade to rock by the beach or pool. It’s basically a very solid holiday all-rounder. 10/10: would recommend for your suitcase.

To commemorate my love for blue on holiday, my friends over at Lyst have asked me to put together something of a wishlist. I’m so darned relaxed on this getaway that I think another holiday is a necessity: I’m well keen to come back to Greece – maybe Santorini or Paxos again? Anyway, this is what I’ll be rocking on potential holiday number two… and on sale, no less!! You’re very welcome, my friends.

If you’re going on holiday – enjoy a little blue yourselves. If you’re not going on holiday – I hope our own weather picks up so you can start enjoying some lovely blue rays soon.


Audacia sunglasses, £108. Proenza Schouler bag, £729. Ulla Johnson pinafore dress,  $242. Isabel Marant sandles, £238. Acne vintage skirt, £156. RED Valentino dress, £420.

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