Things I Don’t Have Time To Do As A Single Mum


4th July!!!

Duh. Blogging has gone right to the bottom of the priorities list, unfortunately. There’s separation stuff that I feel I probably shouldn’t be writing about because I don’t want to upset anyone, new relationship stuff – ditto, and the rest is pretty mundane. The annoying thing is, when there are things I feel I want to write about but can’t I get writers block and lose all my ideas. Inspiration, where are you?!

Elfie’s been going through a delightful patch of waking up at 5.30am which is fair to say is a killer. So it’s not really that I don’t have enough time to sleep, more that she won’t bloody let me. However, last week she woke up at 6.45 and today it was 7 freaking 30. Things are looking up I hope (as I touch everything vaguely woodshaped in sight).

See above. Nobody wants to roast a chicken/slow cook a beef bourguignon on four hours sleep. So it’s quite lucky I enjoy toast, fish fingers and sausages.

It’s fair to say I used to be a total housework nut. Not that I liked doing housework all that much but I always felt the need to live in a house that was immaculate. Part of the old anxieties, I guess. I still like the house to be as tidy as possible but when you’re trying to entertain two little people 24/7 it definitely becomes less of a priority. And it doesn’t matter!

Watch Jeremy Kyle/The Real Housewives 
These used to be my guilty pleasures, on in the background while I worked. I miss Jeremy so much that yesterday I caught myself Googling this. Bad times. Hot Jezza. I have to point out there is always time for Luther though.

It’s kind of unnatural to miss work but I definitely do. I’m enjoying being with the kids so much but I do miss the time I spend just me and my laptop (and sometimes the attractive tennis players I ogle when I’m working from the gym).

I miss you all!

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