Month : April 2013


Re-claiming Me Time

If you ask any new mum the one thing they miss about their life pre-parenthood, they’ll probably say the same thing. Alone time. Me time. Silence. That’s definitely true for me and I tell you, three years of not being able to take a dump without someone peering down the toilet asking you if your […]…


Self-Imposed Writers Block

The thing about writing a blog that prides itself on its honesty and ‘bare-all’ attitude is that sometimes you have to draw a line. This writing I do right here is so very important to me and has shaped me in a way I never felt possible. It’s helped me through hard times and cheered […]…


Eye Gunk, Sad Faces and Doggies

What do you do with two children who have conjunctivitis? Because I have no idea. Ok, mine don’t have conjunctivitis but rather some other -itis (blepheritis?) which seems to be quite similar. Their eyes are swollen, sticky, itchy and look very uncomfortable indeed. I am dreading Hux’s hourly eye sterile eye wipe; this is the […]…


Another Post-Natal Depression Update…

I’ll give one thing to Post-Natal Depression; it certainly hangs around a bit! The last couple of weeks have been OK, bar a couple of beacon-like lovely days in the middle. Elfie’s back to her tricks of waking me up 2 or 3 times a night and this broken sleep affects my mood like nothing […]…


Gardening For Beginners

This weekend the sun came out! So our family, along with (probably) every single other family in the country, put our summer clothes on, dragged the patio furniture out of retirement and made Pimms. We stopped short of a Barbecue – only just – but did the other sunny Sunday activity beloved of people with outside […]…


Ramblings On Love For My Children

It’s no secret that I spent a lot of my pregnancy with Hux worrying about… well… my life with Hux. I was terrified, TERRIFIED, about being a mother of two. So much so that I didn’t enjoy the pregnancy as much as I should have done, regardless of that 6 month ill-fest I endured. I […]…


On Finally Writing That Book

Last week was one of the most surreal, exciting and baffling of my life. It was all a bit bonkers and I’m still pinching myself. Let me start at the beginning. And by the beginning I mean 1991. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to write my own book: in fact, I did age six, […]…


Things That Won’t Calm My Crying Baby

Hux cried for two long, loud hours last night. It was reminiscent of the colic days, days so bleak I’ve managed to block them out of my memory. That awful crying babies do when they’re feeling miserable and sad but you can’t do anything to make them feel better and it breaks your heart. It […]…