Red Nose Day

How times change! Red Nose day used to mean a chance to wear non-uniform, some school-based fun sponsored activities (sponsored silence? sponsored wear your clothes back to front? sponsored dance?) and staying up late to watch good TV. I still stay up late to watch the good TV – now with a bottle of wine and a takeaway – but it really resonates with me now I’m a mum. I can’t watch it without feeling a sense of¬†gratefulness¬†for my family, our home and our life.

So tonight I’ll be on the sofa from 7pm with a massive box of tissues and my bingo card (remember how much fun the X Factor one was?!) blubbing and Tweeting away… see you then! #ComicRelief


2 thoughts on “Red Nose Day

  1. I sobbed my way through the last comic relief. I know I’ll probably do the same tonight too. Thank goodness for the comedy. And I love the bingo card. Bet most of that gets ticked off!

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