Decision Making: Growing Up Milk or Cow’s Milk?


One of the things I find hardest about parenting is the sheer choice of decisions you must make. It starts at birth: epidural or natural pain relief? Moses basket or crib (or even – gasp – co-sleeping?). Breastfeeding or formula milk? Stay at home or go back to work? Purees or baby-led weaning?

The ironic thing is that whichever decision you make, to some it will always be the wrong one. As much as it’s the right decision for you, there will always be a negative Nelly who will make you question what you’re doing and whether you are giving your kids a bad start in life just because they have access to CBeebies and the odd chocolate.

One of my most recent decisions has been that of growing up milk vs toddler milk, which has included lots of research into the nutrition required by kids as they grow into toddlerhood.

I’ve been interested to find out that toddlers require:
• Nearly three times as much energy from food compared to an adult
• More than four times the amount of iron and vitamin C
• Around three times the amount of calcium, zinc and vitamin A
• More fat than adults, particularly ‘good’ unsaturated fats
• Less salt in their food than adults (though Elfie’s a bit of a special one with this as she does require more salt than other children)

Hilariously, if toddlers were as big as adults, they’d need 7,000 calories a day to keep going! I can only dream  of being allowed to eat 7,000 calories. This is how it might look:

Toddler Plates

Elfie has been drinking cow’s milk since she was 12 months old, and as Hux is fast approaching this age too I’ve been wondering whether I should make the switch to growing up milk.

Growing Up Milk is made from cows’ milk enriched with key nutrients that toddlers need, like vitamins A, C and D, iron, calcium and omega 3. It would be reassuring to know that drinking two 150ml beakers of Growing Up Milk daily will go a long way towards providing the vitamins and nutrients my children need.

To find out more about the extraordinary growth and development that toddlers go through visit

What sort of milk does your toddler drink?


6 thoughts on “Decision Making: Growing Up Milk or Cow’s Milk?

  1. My good friend, who is a paediatrician with a specific interest in paediatric nutrition (and more specifically, how children lay down fat stores relative to obesity later in life) warned us off growing up milks as they are full of sugar and an expensive alternative to a balanced, healthy diet, cows milk and multivitamin drops/syrup. His son is the same age as Joseph so we followed his lead and advice, and will do the same with Sam.

  2. I didn’t know what to do when A reached one but my health visitor was quite honest and frank with me. She quite simply said, growing up milk is a con, full fat cows milk is fine as long as you give her a varied diet. ha! I don’t think i’d ever heard a health visitor express an honest, personal opinion before that! Still not sure what i’ll do when Baby T reaches 1. I always forget about vitamin drops so i do worry that she doesn’t get her nutrients but then again she eats the most amount of fruit and veg i’ve ever seen and has such a varied diet I’m not sure i should worry about it as much as i do!

  3. My milk of course, at least until she’s two years old, just like the WHO recommends. And after that? Certainly no sugary toddler’s milk. Maybe the occasional yoghurt or fresh cheese, but nothing produced by companies like Nestlé.

    Honestly, I love reading your blog, but I could very well do without advertorials like the one you wrote today. You could have at least made an comparison between powdered cow’s milk, fresh cow’s milk and *no* animal’s milk.

  4. Mine went onto cow’s milk after 12 months, I was never big on formula or “growing up milk”. If I could do it over I’d give them goat’s milk – its protein structure is close to that of breastmilk.

  5. Woooo, I get the feeling this post is going to spark some strong opinions. *grabs popcorn*

    Mine drinks cows milk. I’ve never bought any kind of toddler milk for either of my kids, they both went straight from the tit to cow’s milk. To be honest, I agree with the above comments about growing up milk being a bit of a sugary con.

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