Month : March 2013


How To Dress A Bump

I loved being pregnant.
OK, I didn’t. I really didn’t. I felt sick, exhausted, flat out ill. I never had the pregnancy glow, at least not without the help of a lot of make-up. I looked grey, had bad hair and could not stay awake. One of my lasting memories is that of me at three months pregnant, lying on the sofa.


Stripped Back And Rebuilt From The Bottom Up

My lovely friend and MAMA contributor Josie has a great feature over at her blog, Oh You Pretty Things, called ‘Mothers on Motherhood’. Each week she brings a different mum’s perspective of Motherhood; there’s not much I find more inspiring than hearing other women’s experiences of pregnancy, birth and beyond and this is no different.


The Haircut

I‘m not ashamed to admit that sometimes, alone for a while with two kids, I go a bit stir crazy. It usually happens on the weekends when Will is working down in London and I’m at a bit of a loose end; we really miss him when he’s not around for lazy Saturdays with jigsaws and boozy afternoons at the rugby club. And OK, I miss that he’s not there for a lie-in.


The Lazy Cook: Alice and Gousto

There is a new home culinary trend on the block. Screw sitting for hours flicking and clicking through the Ocado site to buy your groceries for the week… that’s way too time consuming How much easier is it to pick some meals you want to eat and have the exact ingredients and instructions delivered to your door?

Initially I thought this was a pretty lazy way to eat.


High Five For PND!

I expect you have all been waiting with baited breath to find out how my week of medical professionals has gone. Yes? Yes.
It has been a tough week, I won’t lie. Very hard. There have been emotions, discussions, realisations. Man flu. Tiredness.
My Health Visitor came to see me on Monday and she could not have been more supportive.

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Our New House: The Kitchen

So last week, I lied to you. Just a little. I told you that my new lounge was one of my favourite rooms in the house when actually I think the kitchen is.
It’s the room that I spend the most time in and is a completely different place compared with the old one.