The Lifesaving Hairdryer



Do you own the hairdryer?

I don’t mean do you own A hairdryer, I mean THE hairdryer. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read on…

Pre-kids and during Elfie’s first couple of years I was a bit of a Brazilian Blowdry fanatic. Pricey, yes (I paid up to £200 a pop), but when I worked out how much time I spent blow-drying my hair and what I could have been doing with that time it was well worth it. Think 1 – 1.5 hours, three times a week. That’s anything up to 4.5 hours a week on my hair. One whole working day per fortnight. Two working days each month. It’s a LONG TIME, basically.

But then I got pregnant again and was wary of the chemicals used during the process in relation to an unborn Hux so took some time away from my beloved blow drys. For one reason or another (erm, probably the fact the treatment takes 4 hours and I have two kids to look after now) I haven’t been back since he was born.

Enter the GHD Air: GHD’s hair dryer.


I’ve long been a GHD fan and have gone through two pairs of their straighteners in the last 12 years. My previous hairdryer of choice was a Philips/Tresemme one with added ions or something or other, I dunno, I think it was on sale at Boots, and it had always served me well. But on receiving the GHD Air I realised that GHD vs Philips was a little bit like Apple vs PC… I didn’t know what I was missing until I finally bit the bullet and bought a MacBook. Everything about the GHD dryer felt quality in the way everything you buy from Apple feels quality, from the packaging used to the matte black appearance of the dryer. It has none of the plasticy feel of my old dryer (or old laptop!) and is a pleasure to hold and use.

So the price is a little eye watering – around £99. But GHD products are built to last and if my experiences with the Customer Service tell you anything it’ll be that you don’t need to worry about them breaking.


And the hairdryers performance? AMAZING. In the old days I’d blast my hair for hours on a high heat, but this styler gets it dryer quickly on a lower heat: it takes but a mere 15 minutes now. I’m not finding i have the need to reach for my straighteners so much and my hair style is lasting longer. I’m a definite GHD Air convert.

For comparison and laughs here’s a photo of me rocking my au natural fickle hair state (not-curly-yet-not-wavy, urgh) VERY pregnant with Elfie, that’s how often I allow myself to be photographed with it , and me rocking lovely GHD-assisted sleek hair with my mum and friend Kaisa.



The GHD Air was sent to me to review but I literally gave away my old hairdryer after its first use. I love it.

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