Month : February 2013


How Do You Manage ‘Me Time’?

It seems that recently a lot of my life has been about trying to be a bit more selfish. In the wake of my PND I’ve realised that actually, there’s not a lot I do for myself, ALONE, and before last week I had not been on my own without children since last November.


Our New House: The Lounge


We moved house about 6 weeks ago and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it.
When we first saw our old house I was totally in love with it. But I was also 6 months pregnant and the landlord of the place we were currently living had just put it up for sale and I didn’t want to end up moving into my parent’s house with a newborn baby.


Mummy Love: It’s Complicated

When I was pregnant for the first time I wasn’t sure of much. I was completely confused at what childbirth would be like, I didn’t know if I would breast or bottle feed, or even if I wanted to be a stay at home mum or not. But there was thing I was sure of: the love I would feel for them in that hospital room.


MTT: Salted Caramel Cookies

So a couple of weeks ago around Shrove Tuesday, I was perusing Instagram as you do, and I kept getting visually slapped in the face by sweet things. Pancakes, cookies, fudge, MORE PANCAKES. Gawd.
I’ve never been a huge dessert fan but since I’ve stepped into the realm of little scary white pills my appetite had kicked up a notch.


Hux At 9 Months Or Thereabouts

Huxley Harold. Our Bubby. When I’m with you my nose is permanently plastered to your neck, your ear, your hair. Because the smell of your baby creases is so delicious I wish I could bottle it and wear it every day, because I know before too long you’ll grow up and start smelling of PE lessons, cheesy feet and Lynx.


How More Than Toast Is Making Money

You might have noticed as of late that there have been a fair few sponsored posts and ads appearing round these here parts. I wanted to hold my hands up to that fact and explain to you why.
It’s always been a bit of an agreement that Will and I have had since Elfie was young that I won’t go back to work. At least, not proper London office-based 12 hour day-type work.


The Lifesaving Hairdryer

Do you own the hairdryer?
I don’t mean do you own A hairdryer, I mean THE hairdryer. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read on…
Pre-kids and during Elfie’s first couple of years I was a bit of a Brazilian Blowdry fanatic.