I Gone Done A VLOG!

And far from it being the smooth and easy option… all I can say is iMovie, you bastard. What should one edit video on? Something easier, I hope.

Anyway, here it is. This is me. And a bit of Hux.

25 thoughts on “I Gone Done A VLOG!

  1. Love this Alice! I have a question for you – how in the name of all things holy do you juggle a newborn and a toddler?!
    My husband goes back to work on Monday & I am bricking it.
    Don’t know if Elfie was the same but my toddler is pretty rambunctious. He’s just started to launch himself, starfish style, across my lap whenever baby cries so as to sabotage breastfeeding. And my newborn is a boob monster. No idea how I’m going to get my toddler to nap with a baby permanently attached to my boob!
    Any magical tips most appreciated ;) xx

  2. Great first Vlog – i love these! Seeing & hearing people that are the people in my phone/on my laptop every day makes me happy. Especially with a finale like that!
    Looking forward to the next one, show off ;)

  3. On the top of my blog plans for 2013 is to blog more. Haven’t managed any yet which is a pain as I had it in my head that I’d try and do one each month. I suppose I still have a few days left of the month to pop my blogging cherry I suppose.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on parenting issues generally. Perhaps some “what we’ve been up to this week” type vlogs.
    And much more of your gorgeous children too please. How do you ever get anything done when you could be staring at Hux’s cheeky grin all day? X

  4. Firstly: I love the face especially for Hux
    Secondly: The fridge magnets really made me laugh
    Hux is SO cute!
    I look forward to your next Vlog and may even do one myself. x

  5. My childhood dream was to be in Home & Away. Actually that’s still my dream now. I feel if I ever get to Australia it WILL happen.

    My favourite line from your vid? ‘Don’t worry, it is organic’. Brilliant.

    P.S I think each video should feature swear word fridge magnets. I’m interested to see how many you can come up with…

  6. Great first video, I’m a fairly new subscriber but enjoy your posts on family life, it’s always nice to know your not the only one struggling sometimes. I think anything to do with family life would go down a treat. The many obstacles to overcome with children, teething, breast feeding, potty training, weaning and sleep training.. all could make for good viewing. Maybe you could do meal ideas as vlogs too like a celeb chef cook along thing.

  7. Bravo bravo round of applause for Mrs H! Great to see you post your first vlog and I look forward to seeing many more. Especially like the fact you still have the swear words on your fridge hee hee hee
    Allegra & I watched the vlog together and her face lit up like a Christmas tree when Hux came into view – I think she’s in love :-) hope the house move went ok xxx

    • Are you for real?!

      Ignore this Alice, there are far many more of us who are very happy (and far from bored!) to see/hear you vlogging and look forward to more, so keep going with it – not that I would expect you to take much heed from someone who goes by the name “Blah” anyway…

  8. I love it! How do you have 2 teeny tots & wear a white shirt?!
    Ok, I’d like to hear your opinions on (in no particular order) – cbeebies, wine, PND and Annabel K! Well, you did ask ;)
    Look forward to hearing from you again soon!

  9. I’m surprised I really like your vlog because normally I can’t be bothered to watch them. Keep attention seeking I don’t mine – looking forward to watching more especially about piles haha keep the dick words and your honesty coming xx

  10. Ooooooh I LOVE a good blog. Please, PLEASE keep making em! I’d even listen to you talking about piles, along as you promise to follow it swiftly with the one on wine. xx

  11. I loved it. You are very natural on camera and I love these little insights into people’s lives. Also chuckled at the ‘organic’ and ‘Annabel Karmel’ comments. And your fridge magnets…

  12. Great idea! Not self-indulgent at all! Keep going, we want to see more of your house please and what you’ve done with your new place because you always have super decor ideas! Plus how about some vlog cooking? All the best!

  13. I very much enjoyed your first VLOG! So brave to put yourself out there, but who wouldn’t when this is the end product…?! The only videos I’ve done thus far have been with my face behind the camera (even my voice gives me the icks!) – I’d love to hear anything about weaning. I’m currently (quietly, as Reuben isn’t quite 6 months) starting on solids but I’m now panicking as I haven’t read any Annabell Carmen (or anything other than what the propaganda the Health Visitor gave me) and I heard a horrible rumour that there is a ‘lump window’ and if you miss it your kid is going to be a fussy eater and only eat yoghurt forever more, or words to that effect!


  14. Ah love this, very funny to me. Especially love the cheeky magnets in the background :) genius. I for one am still waiting to hear how you got rid of Elfies dummies either by blog or vlog. We still have ours and have 6 months to get rid by the time L is 3. Xx

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