Month : January 2013


Still Here But A Little Bit Tired

Marvellous mum and marvellous Kaisa
At the moment I feel like my life is revolving around PND. I usually find it easy and enjoyable to sit at my computer daily and shape some thoughts into a blog post, but I’m totally coming up blank. All I can think about is PND… PND… I’m starting to bore myself and am getting worried about boring other people.


I Gone Done A VLOG!

And far from it being the smooth and easy option… all I can say is iMovie, you bastard. What should one edit video on? Something easier, I hope.
Anyway, here it is. This is me. And a bit of Hux.


Things I Did When I Had No Internet

– Watched Celebrity Big Brother. Had arguments with my husband about watching Celebrity Big Brother.
– Washing up… Lots of washing up. Dishwasher due to arrive on Saturday (THANK GOD, all my plates are slightly dirty).
– Got to know my new crockpot. Boy do I love slow cooking.
– Moved house (duh).


Be Right Back

The Harolds are on the move! Literally… we are moving house tomorrow. Nothing drastic, just 200m up the hill in our lovely little town to slightly smaller digs that will save us a considerable amount of money each month.

Stop Fucking Attention Seeking
Me Motherhood

PND: An Update

I have never been scared of going to the doctors or hospital. I spent my early twenties with endometriosis and have suffered many an uncomfortable exam, so I’ve always been pretty pragmatic about getting naked in the name of medicine. When in labour with Hux at my first exam/sweep I remember turning wide eyed to Will saying “did you see that? She put her WHOLE HAND in. WOAH”.

Mushrooms, Spinach and Egg on toast

MTT: Spinach, Mushrooms and Egg

After my last Stuff On Toast post my mum sent me a text message saying “OMG Alice, I’ve been making scrambled eggs wrong for the last 40 years!” (though she probably didn’t say OMG as she is part of the generation that thinks LOL means Lots Of Love) So I have decided to dedicate this recipe to her, as she originally taught me about the brilliant combination of spinac


New Year, New Me

Me, pre-babies by Ted Williams
The last couple of days have been great for me. I’ve thought about a lot of things: where I am now, where I want to be in the future, what makes me happy and how I can be the best person I can be for my family.