Month : December 2012


2012: A Review

Apparently in 2012 I wrote a massive 147 posts (I guess that’s 148 including this one?). I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like quite a lot.

Me Motherhood

A Big Festive Thank-You

You lovely people. I laughed and cried and smiled with the lovely words I received after my last post. Every comment, tweet, email and text was such a lift; knowing I am not on my own in the way I am feeling meant so much and all your warm wishes were just wonderful. I had no idea so many had been here and it felt good to understand that I’m not alone, far from it actually.

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Me Motherhood


Disclaimer: this is not motherhood
When I started this blog I wanted to be completely honest. I wanted to connect with other mums, other women out there who perhaps haven’t found pregnancy and motherhood to be the rainbows and unicorns party we are taught to expect, and to maybe make other mums realise they aren’t alone in the way they feel.


Being A Grown-Up

Every single day without fail I walk past a mirror, babe in arms, and think: who am I? Who is this person with two children at the age of 27? How did I go from being the person I was before the babies to the person I am now? Where did my old irresponsible life go?
It has all seemed to happen so quickly (real time: three years ago, pretty much to the day).

Lasagne Recipe

MTT: Mama’s Lasagne

I might be cheating a bit here with the title of this dish. This recipe has nothing to do with an Italian Mama, but rather it was the very first recipe my own Mum taught me about 12 years ago.


A Bit About Elfie

Poor Elfie’s had a rough time of it lately. A tummy bug hit on Tuesday (following her telling me she was feeling “sad, mummy” all day Monday) so she spent the whole day on the sofa after being sick in my lap. And now she’s suffering with a cold, meaning she’s one of those kids with a really snotty nose.


Hux At Somewhere Around 6 Months

Oh Hux, what do we say about the baby who is pretty much entirely perfect?
Ok, not completely perfect. I could do without the 2am feed, especially as its getting colder and is therefore that little bit harder to get out of bed. But other than that, my boy is pretty wonderful.


Ena Salon Review, London

It’s no secret that I’m a bit vain. Annoying, as vanity is one thing that isn’t too compatible with motherhood as Elfie helpfully demonstrated recently when she smooshed my red lipstick into my face with the palm of her hand. I like to do my bit in the name of grooming though as it makes me feel more of a human being on those days when I’m running on four hours sleep.