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May 2012


MTT: Asian-style Broth With King Prawns

May 31, 2012

  Breast feeding makes you HUNGRY. So hungry. According to an article I read recently it burns 500 calories A DAY which explains how I lost 5lb in 5 days and also means I will be breast feeding Huxley til he’s 18. Anything to avoid exercise. I’m eating a breakfast, elevensies, big lunch and big dinner. Plus biscuits. I need my three meals a day and am craving all sorts of veg, carbs and protein; this is tougher than it…

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Wrists Don’t Get Fat: Bracelets

May 29, 2012

I have previously written on this blog about how frustrating it is to go shopping as a pregnant woman. There are always beautiful clothes you want to buy that won’t fit over the bump and you don’t know how big your boobs or even your arse will be after you’ve given birth. It took me 12 months to regain my pre-pregnancy figure after Elfie was born, and then I was pregnant again straight away. Therefore from winter 2009 to now…

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Huxley Motherhood

What I’d Forgotten About The Newborn Stage

May 28, 2012

Pretty much everything to do with breastfeeding: the pain, the cracked nipples, how the right one leaks when feeding from the left and vice versa… The first time around I remember being pretty shocked that nobody had told me what a tough old journey breast feeding could be (imagine barbed wire being fed through your nipples… Yep) and I’ve been similarly surprised this time around. IT HURTS. We have conquered it though, Hux loves the boob, and im really proud…

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Huxley Pregnancy

The Homecoming

May 23, 2012

  We came home yesterday. Let me tell you, a whole week in hospital on a hot, noisy maternity ward with your new baby really makes you think about and appreciate the small things. Especially when neither of you are ill so the stay seems kind of futile. I  tried to view it as extra healing time for me and extra bonding time with Hux, but I missed Elfie and our home so so much. Our families were brilliant and…

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He’s Here!

May 17, 2012
newborn baby

  Huxley William Harold arrived yesterday, the 16th May, at 3.04pm. He was born via semi-emergency caesarian after four loooong days of contractions, a worrying period of decreased movements, heartbeat decelerations and a lot of monitoring. It’s been a long week.   We are both doing very well in hospital and will be here for a few more tests until Monday at the earliest whilst the Doctors determine whether or not he has inherited the same condition as Elfie. So far so…

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MTT: Mackerel, Beetroot and Sweet Potato Salad

May 14, 2012

Sometimes Will works away during the week, and whilst I miss him when he’s not at home I use the opportunity to indulge in my favourite faux-single gal activities. Because I am cool and hip these often include cleaning until the whole house smells bleachy, watching crap TV like The Real Housewives of The OC/NYC and eating food for dinner that Will doesn’t like. Sometimes I even take a bath or wax some body parts; it can get wild. Two…

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Alternative Pregnancy Essentials

May 11, 2012

When you get pregnant it seems that you open yourself up to be marketed at by what feels like every company in the world, ever. And if you’re anything like me you are so over the moon to be pregnant that you will LOVE each and every last bit of literature or product you are given and will treasure it, reading from cover to cover. See: Bounty Packs, Boots/Tesco/Sainsbury’s Baby Club, The Baby Show, Emma’s Diary… it’s a relentless cycle…

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POP The Fashion Store

May 10, 2012

I often moan that since we moved away from London we’ve felt a bit short-changed for decent restaurants and have to travel for a really good dining experience. The same is true for clothes shopping; we have Milton Keynes Shopping Centre a 20 minute drive away with your usual high street suspects but in our little town there are no Start Boutiques, no Selfridges. Just a lot of shops for ladies a generation or two older than me. Think twinsets,…

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The Model Family

May 9, 2012

  A couple of weeks ago my sister-in-law, who works for one of BT’s creative agencies, was looking for a family with young children who had BT products in their homes to take part in a photo shoot. We got roped in as we are both a family with such products and if anyone says the words ‘photo shoot’ to me I start practicing my smize and Oscar acceptance speech. Will agreed to it begrudgingly because he is a wonderful husband…

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A Pregnancy Wardrobe, Weeks 36-38

May 8, 2012

You know that feeling you get at the end of the day when you get home from work and peel off your bra? I didn’t think there was much to compare with how satisfying that relief is: until my bump got so big that it became uncomfortable to wear my maternity jeans. Now if I wear them out of the house I peel the bump band down as soon as I walk in the front door, examine the itchy red…

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MTT: Slow Braised Creamy Cabbage

May 7, 2012

Despite cooking every single day it’s rare I will come across a recipe that completely rocks my world to the core. I can’t really remember the last time this happened, the last time I came across a recipe that I know I will return to time and time again. It also feels weird to refer to a lowly cabbage recipe as a core rocker, but this is exactly what this is. It’s rescued me from marital upsets, has made me…

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