Month : April 2012


The Montpellier Chapter, Cheltenham

Before Elfie came along Will and I didn’t really take much time to enjoy time as a couple. It had been just the two of us for over six years so there seemed no need to make a special effort having ‘us time’. But this time around spending time as a couple before the new […]…


36 Weeks Pregnant

  I AM SO TIRED. If you follow me on Twitter you may or may not have noticed me mention that maybe once or twice recently. Or eighty-two times. But it’s very true, this stage of pregnancy is so physically demanding it’s difficult not to fall into bed at every opportunity, or moan about it […]…


A Birth Story

Don’t worry – I haven’t secretly given birth over the weekend (though the contractions I’ve been having since I overdid it on the wedding dancefloor on Saturday night have been something else). As we’ve been making plans for this next birth I’ve enjoyed reminiscing about the experience I had with  Elfie. An ‘Elective’ Caesarian (though I […]…


A Pregnancy Wardrobe, Weeks 30-35

This weather is really messing with my ability to get dressed in the morning. Cold days = fine. Hot days = lovely. Weird non-cold, rainy and changeable days = impossible. Plus it’s getting harder and harder to dress the bump in anything that isn’t lycra and leggings are fast becoming my new best friend. Being […]…


MTT: BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

One not-so-great thing about moving out to the sticks is the lack of decent places to eat. There are a couple of mediocre places in our little village and some pubs on the outskirts (Emberton’s Bell and Bear needs a special mention here for being brilliant) but if you want a decent feeding you really […]…

Me Pregnancy

Things People Think It Is OK To Say

  Today has been hard. One of those legitimate pregnancy days where I have wanted to stick my head in the oven, only I can’t as the bright orange non-organic fish fingers for Elfie’s tea won’t cook properly in the microwave. I was up all night with painful Braxton Hicks, my lower back hurts and […]…


Elfie At 21 Months

Thank-you to everyone who read, commented and contacted me after my last post. I found it touching, inspiring, interesting and heart-wrenching to read so many different women’s points of view and experiences of infertility, pregnancy and motherhood, a definite eye-opener for me and I hope for you, too. I admit it felt a bit unnatural […]…


Get Over It

Yesterday evening I was directed via a blog post written by Lydia to an article in the Guardian, entitled ‘Mothers, Stop Moaning!‘ by Bibi Lynch. The crux of the article is that us women who are lucky enough to be Mums should open our eyes to how lucky we are to have reproduced and stop moaning about […]…