Month : April 2012


A Birth Story

Don’t worry – I haven’t secretly given birth over the weekend (though the contractions I’ve been having since I overdid it on the wedding dancefloor on Saturday night have been something else). As we’ve been making plans for this next birth I’ve enjoyed reminiscing about the experience I had with  Elfie.


A Pregnancy Wardrobe, Weeks 30-35

This weather is really messing with my ability to get dressed in the morning. Cold days = fine. Hot days = lovely. Weird non-cold, rainy and changeable days = impossible. Plus it’s getting harder and harder to dress the bump in anything that isn’t lycra and leggings are fast becoming my new best friend.


MTT: BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

One not-so-great thing about moving out to the sticks is the lack of decent places to eat. There are a couple of mediocre places in our little village and some pubs on the outskirts (Emberton’s Bell and Bear needs a special mention here for being brilliant) but if you want a decent feeding you really need to travel.


Elfie At 21 Months

Thank-you to everyone who read, commented and contacted me after my last post. I found it touching, inspiring, interesting and heart-wrenching to read so many different women’s points of view and experiences of infertility, pregnancy and motherhood, a definite eye-opener for me and I hope for you, too.


Get Over It

Yesterday evening I was directed via a blog post written by Lydia to an article in the Guardian, entitled ‘Mothers, Stop Moaning!‘ by Bibi Lynch.