Month : March 2012


MTT: Goats Cheese and Caramelised Onion Tart

One of the worst things about pregnancy is that looong list of things you can and can’t eat and the grey area that surrounds whether or not you can eat so many different types of food. For every happy barbecue eating preggo (me) there will be another espousing the dangers of eating meat cooked outside on a gas grill.


A Short Break From Blogging

Kind of. And not because I want to take a break. I’m in a technological rehab.
I’m not here because my beloved iMc was taken in to the mac shop for a small display repair early last week and the nice lady who told me it’d be looked at immediately and fixed in 3-4 days was fibbing.


31 Weeks Pregnant

So you know when I wrote about my life at 28 weeks pregnant and everything was going swimmingly? I totally cursed myself with that one. Pregnancy has become a bit of an uphill struggle, something I’m not really enjoying anymore thanks to the aches, pains, tiredness and cravings.
My urge to eat ice is back.


A Fairy Light Update In The Kitchen

Although I love our kitchen the way it is now, I wanted to cutesy and warm it up a little bit. I’d seen Jen use some lovely fairy lights to decorate her kitchen shelves via her Instagram feed (I think from IKEA also) and thought they looked lovely, so filed the idea away in my mental ‘to do’ file.

Pregnancy Style

A Pregnancy Wardrobe, Weeks 23-30

It’s finally happened: I have broken the stone-in-weight-gain barrier. Which means my beloved Uniqlo skinny jeans have been relegated to the bottom drawer of my dresser, not to be seen again until May (although lets face it, probably at least August) and I am well into the world of lycra and beautiful beautiful jersey.

Home Style

Interiors: The Kitchen

We all know that moving house is a pretty soul-destroying experience and as someone who can’t function properly unless her home is clean, clutter free and organized, for me it is a living hell. I hate not having my belongings in their places and boxes… urgh, don’t get me started on how unsightly millions of cardboard boxes are.