Month : February 2012


Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Pregnant

– When multiple people tell you to “get your sleep in now, you won’ t be getting any once the baby’s here, hohoho” you will want to punch them in the face. Don’t, because they’re right.
– Daytime TV really does get boring. Apart from Come Dine With Me and Desperate Housewives.
– There is nothing like worrying about tiny babies.


My Fashion Week

Breakfast at a Rani Jones presentation, S/S 10. Out of shot: 3 empty champagne glasses
Last week I had big plans. Plans to write lots of witty and humerous garb about London Fashion Week and how it’s all relevant to the modern mother, blah di blah. But then I started feeling a bit ropey on Thursday and on Friday, wow, I was on my deathbed. With raging red tonsils.

Home Style

Move House: DONE

We are all moved! And as far as moves go it was pretty painless. I imagine the most painful thing will be when Will gets home and finds out by how much the budget was blown in IKEA today (a lot). There are still a few bits to be finished; the dining room has 3 boxes left, multiple shelves and frames need to be put up and we need to have a good long look at storage.


Fitness Inspiration and Motivation: Kaisa Larkas

In the first of my series bringing you the secrets of women who inspire and motivate me to become a better person, I introduce to you Kaisa Larkas. Kaisa is a Finnish-born fashion writer, PR, mum of three and fitness enthusiast who encouraged me to get off my bum and do something about feeling so unfit and lethargic.


Losing Your Way (And Finding It Again)

When you have a baby you are given so much advice about how your life is going to change. You’re going to grow huge boobs, have no sleep, possibly get post-natal depression and sex will never be the same again. According to most new mummy literature chapped nipples, a flabby tummy and the baby blues are pretty much a given.
But little is said about the other ways your life will change.


Phrases I Thought I’d Never Say

“Don’t put marmite in your eye”
“Have you done a poo? Poo? Poo? Have you done a poo?”
“Stop blowing your nose on your toast”
“Dirty knickers are not for round your neck”
“Elfie, dirty, yuck, bin, NO, bin, dirty, NOT IN YOUR MOUTH”
“Don’t put your toast in your ear. Oh it’s a phone, not toast.