Month : January 2012


Elfie at 19 Months

It’s weird, looking at Elfie now you don’t see a baby anymore. You see a toddler, a mini-person. Especially when she’s dressed in the next size up of 18 months-2 years clothes which seem seem so much more geared towards making toddlers look like children rather than babies.


MTT: Pulled Pork

Everyone goes mental for pulled pork, don’t they? Even my mum, with whom I had a 10 minute conversation about it ending with her asking why I named a dish after my dad (Paul…. she thought I was cooking Paul’s pork) loves it, despite not knowing what on earth it is.


20 Weeks Pregnant

So here I am on New Year’s Eve. 20 weeks pregnant.  A time when it has become neccassary once again to put makeup on before leaving the house – thank goodness, for the sake of my face and the outside world.


It’s a BOY!


And I mean it’s really really a boy; you could see the meat and two veg from across the other side of the room as the sonographer panned around my uterus, though I valiantly stopped myself from making a ‘well endowed like his dad’ joke.
I have to say that I completely expected a girl so the news hasn’t quite sunk in yet.