Month : October 2011


MTT: Autumn Apple Crumble Muffins

Apple Muffins
Recently I have noticed plenty of females in my online world going crazy for a guy. Crazy in the way that I and many others went crazy for Harry Styles from One Direction on last year’s X Factor, an obsession I would like to blame on post-pregnancy hormones or whatever, but I’d be lying. I just fancy him.

Home Style

Willow Tree Cottage

Instead of boring you with the trials of moving all our worldly belongings from not one but two houses (we still had 1 and a half van loads of stuff up at our house on the market in Nottingham) I will just say this: it was HARD.
We’ve spent the last three weekends at our new house getting it ready.


An Elfie Update At 15 Months

The main purpose of this blog has always been to record our lives with Elfie. Having kept various diaries since the age of about 10, I find it so valuable to look back on life having recorded my thoughts and feelings and the resulting memories are priceless.

Screen shot 2011-10-18 at 21.34.04

An Interlude for My Favourite Recent Blogs

This is what I currently look like. It is not a pretty sight; the state of my bikini line is beyond acceptable and my eyebrows are taking over my face. I can’t remember the last time I wore fake tan and I need to stop wearing clothes made out of jersey.
All my energy at the moment is being spent on getting through each day and staying up late enough to watch the X Factor.

Chambord Rendezvous

Happy Birthday, David!

My BFF Kirsty left London for NYC at the end of September; there’s us up there at the Chambord Rendezvous event the week before her departure (although it turns out Chambord isn’t so much fun when you’re pregnant). I miss her very much, we used to work together, play together, and would always end up laughing together.

Screen shot 2011-10-11 at 20.39.11

Living Room Wants: Faux Taxidermy

Having long been slightly obsessed with stag heads (but wobbly about hanging half a dead animal on my wall. Do they smell?) our impending move to the countryside has made me think seriously about the idea of taxidermy. Preserved animal parts, WOOH! In my mind it’s almost as necessary round these parts as a Barbour jacket and Hunter wellies.

Watermelon, feta and courgette salad

MTT: Three Ways with Feta

Here’s the thing about this stage of pregnancy: I’m constantly nauseous, a feeling that goes away when I eat, but the thought of food makes me heave. This makes ingesting nutrition a little hard and I have found myself on more than one occasion scoffing some unoffensive HulaHoops which is the only thing that helps with the nausea.

Steve Jobs/ Apple

Steve Jobs

Image via Jonathan Mak
I was really very sad to wake up to the news of Steve Jobs’s passing this morning.
Of course I didn’t know the guy but he profoundly changed my life for the better. As a technology lover I never looked back once I got my first MacBook; now I chat to my friends and family every day on my iPhone, watch movies on my MacBook Pro and work on my iMac.