Year : 2011


Our Christmas

I seem to have spent some time away from the Internet over the Christmas period; completely unintentionally I have not checked my emails since the week before the 25th, nor have I made a dent in the 1,000+ blog posts I have waiting in my Google Reader.


Before She Was A Mum

I am really enjoying one of Mother’s Meeting‘s current features: ‘Before She Was a Mum’. It’s so easy to completely forget who you were before baby and fun to look back on your pre-motherhood life.


MTT: Mushroom, Pea and Tarragon Pot Pies

We get together with some very lovely friends of ours every month or so to eat, drink and laugh. We became friends about the same time Will and I became a couple (so I guess about 8 years ago) and love them to pieces. There’s nothing better than our raucous night full of wine, food, conversation and Guitar Hero (apart from that time we drank the 1982 bottle of red that was older than me.

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16 Weeks Pregnant

Week sixteen has again been about a million times brighter than the preceeding weeks. I’d even go as far to say that, aside from a little extra tiredness, I feel normal again. NORMAL. I can cook again, I can clean, I can take Elfie swimming, go shopping and am generally happy.


MTT: Kale and Bacon Hash

Warning: this recipe will change your life.
Ok, it probably won’t, but it might make dinner time more fun a couple of times a month. A version of this appeared in Olive magazine about four years ago and I have never looked back; it’s one of Will’s favourite winter suppers and I love it because it means we get to eat a meal covered in ketchup.


The C-Section Debate: Should We Choose?

Before I got pregnant I had thought a lot about giving birth. It’s difficult not to; if you want kids like I always knew I did they have to make their way from your belly and into the outside world somehow. And as scared as I am of pain (I weep at threading appointments, actually weep) a Caesarian section never entered my thoughts.


A Hellish 24 Hours

When Elfie is growing up I never, ever want her to consider herself different. Despite the medication and the doctor’s appointments she will always be normal. One hugely comforting thing I took from my last post about her is that it’s not just us in a difficult situation; every family has their quirks, their intricacies, their differences.