13th November 2010

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk

What a special day.

It left me feeling a bit weird, as it had been a year exactly since our lives changed for ever. A year since I’d taken my positive pregnancy test.

The day was filled with happiness tinged with what if’s… Elfie has of course been the best thing that has ever happened to us but that one day changed the course of our lives more profoundly than anything else before or since. And we came so close to losing her, that particular what if doesn’t even bear thinking about.

It was a day of reflection and of giving thanks that our little girl is so happy and healthy. A day of thinking how lucky I am to have her. And a day of wondering what will come next.

A move back to London? Going back to work? Another baby? Who knows…

(PS: I actually celebrated my pregnancy test anniversary by stepping back into my old self for a while and drinking a bottle of champagne. Cheers Elfie!)

Why Blog?

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk

I’ve been pondering writing a post about this for a while, about why I like to blog. And I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I’ve always enjoyed sharing my thoughts with the world, something that was considered a bit odd when I started my first online diary in 1998. Thankfully times have changed and blogging isn’t considered such a freakshow – 126 million bloggers worldwide can’t be wrong.

I think this record of my pregnancy and birth with Elfie will be a wonderful thing to look back on. I know that in so much of the pregnancy and early days (and last couple of weeks) I was so tired I barely remembered my own name, and even now I really enjoy reading my old posts to remember what happened at each stage of my pregnancy. It’s a shocker to realise how quickly I’ve forgotten how horrendous it all was.

Elfie will probably be totally embarrassed at some of the photos I’ve posted online of her, but how lovely for her to know what her mum and dad were doing when she was living inside me. Where we were eating, what I was craving, where we were working and what we did on New Years Eve.

She will probably think we were both very uncool.

Blogging is also a fantastic way for me to get things off my chest, and to get feedback from others I wouldn’t usually come across otherwise. I’ve met some really wonderful people through my website and get to read other insightful blogs every day. I am by nature a very nosy person, and reading blogs satisfies the urges I have to read about others’ lives.

I’ve been off work for 5 months now; my job as Digital Marketing Manager for a magazine meant I was able to legitimately be online all day (heaven!) and I guess if I’m blogging I am able to remain within the online ‘loop’. The Online realm is constantly changing and evolving and was I to step out of it entirely I am scared I would lose track of the industry. So I guess blogging is another way for me to still feel included in the world I’ve worked within for such a long time.

I’ve always been reticent to show my blog to people in real life – I don’t know why, I don’t write anything here that I wouldn’t reveal to a work colleague after a couple of beers. Speaking to some of my fellow Huggies Mummies it would seem I’m not alone in this. I wonder why that is, why blogging is still a little bit taboo? And I wonder how many people in our lives blog, but don’t tell us about it?

Christmas Elf(ie)

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk

I’m not putting the whole photo on here as my Mum is using the image for her Christmas cards this year (and would be mortified it had been ‘leaked’ on the internet). I’m sure no recipients of Grannie JT’s cards will be reading, but you can never be too careful.

Today Elfie and I had a little photo shoot:

The amazing outfit was bought by Grannie as a tribute to my all-time favourite Christmas movie (Elf), and it’s this that prompted my brother’s nickname for Elfie – Buddy.


Sleep update: I seriously can’t fathom how Elfie is getting by on such a small amount of sleep, as I’m certainly finding it a challenge. I can’t spend every day ordering Domino’s in my pyjamas so it really needs to get better soon.

Daddy is home tomorrow from a work trip to London, I’m sure he will need some time to get re-acquainted with his darling daughter, and I will need time to get re-acquainted with the insides of my eyelids. Zzzzzz.

Sleep Regression

This post originally appeared at my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk.

My gorgeous, lovely, slept-through-the-night-since-six-weeks baby girl has become a nightmare.

Last night she woke up at 3am for the day: in the last week we’ve had a couple of 5am-ers but that was the absolute worst. I’m guessing she’s sliding into the four month sleep regression stage?

I’ll put this into context: before this week Elfie was happy to go down for the night at around 7, feed at 11 and then sleep til 8. It was blissful! I have been launched back into the world of having a newborn, of not being able to go to do things before 2pm because I am way too exhausted and dreading going to bed at night because I’m scare of being woken up so soon after. On a positive note, this means I’ve almost finally finished the Twilight series as I’ve spent so much time in bed.

I took the monkey for a little walk to run errands followed by a swim this afternoon in the hopes it would tire her out for this evening (sidenote: seeing acquaintances at the gym when you have been awake since 3am and not wearing any make up is BAD).

She’s been down and quiet since 7.30pm, tonight I’m trying a new approach and will dream feed at midnight. Hopefully this will work.

3 Months of Baby

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk

And what an October we’ve had! I spent another day in hospital today – madam has developed another UTI but luckily this time I noticed her wee smelling a bit whiffy and got her to A&E straight away. It seems like we have caught it very early and the hour and a half I spent this morning holding my wriggling baby over a sterile urine collector was worth it. This means doubling up her usual medication as well as an antibiotic for the next week or so, we will discuss it more with her consultant on Thursday.

Speaking of her consultant (who is a massive fan of Twilight so I obviously like her a lot), we should be getting a conclusive diagnosis from her on Thursday. She’ll also be giving us an ongoing plan for Elfie’s treatment and more advice on how to deal with her condition on an ongoing basis. We had decided about a month and a half ago that we were going to move abroad next year, possibly March, but with everything that’s happened I feel really uncomfortable with moving her so far away from the great medical treatment she’s been getting. But our plans for the future (or lack thereof right now!) are worthy of a whole other post.

Daddy has found office space working in the city centre so he is no longer working from home. I think this will be a good thing for us all – when he’s working in the study at home I find it so easy to ask him to help out. I used to spend my weeks living for the weekend and with Will at home all the days blended into one. Now I will look forward to the days he spends with Elfie and I, and will be counting the minutes til he gets home!

Elfie got weighed today and I’m pleased to say she’s back on the charts! At 17 weeks 6 days she is 10lb 13oz. Developmentally speaking she’s still slightly behind, though she’s had no official assessment I would estimate at around 3 weeks. She hasn’t rolled yet and her neck control isn’t what it should be (though it’s come on in leaps and bounds in the last fortnight). I’m looking forward to hearing some giggles, I’m sure they aren’t far away, and she is now constantly smiling which is such an improvement. She is generally a bright, happy baby – and this is all that matters to us at the moment.

Healthwise there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel and I am thoroughly looking forward to the future.

A Huggies Day Out

This post originally appeared at my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk.

In the midst of the horrible situation that was Elfie being in hospital I received a lovely invitation in the post. Huggies wanted me to join them and the other Huggies mummies for Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester! After we got out of hospital on Friday I umm’d and aah’d about whether or not I should go, but decided a day of being spoilt in London was just what I needed. The train journey in itself was a treat!

It was a gorgeous sunny day so I decided to walk along Park Lane from Marble Arch. One of the things I miss so much about London is the way you can stroll along for hours and there are always lots of lovely things to look at – it’s just not the same up north.

On arrival at The Dorchester I felt slightly like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, it is such a beautiful, grand place! There were some excellent facelifts and a lot of designer handbags floating about.

We started with a glass of champagne (mmmmm) and the most beautiful finger sandwiches – chicken and mayonnaise on basil bread was delightful. Then scones and some delicious sweet pastries. And tea of course!

It was lovely to meet all the other Huggies mummies as I missed out on both previous meetups due to being at work and very heavily pregnant. We chatted about blogging, vlogging, Social Media (I love being able to discuss the internet with likeminded people) and gossiped about mummyhood. I had a great time.

I even snuck off to the pub for a couple of glasses of wine with Kelly (A Place of My Own) and Heather (Young and Younger) before meeting an old work colleague for dinner and cocktails.

Thank you to Huggies for a real fun day out – and thank you to the Huggies Mummies for making me feel so welcome. Tanya (and little LLC!), Kelly, Pippa, Heather and Tasha – I really hope to see you all again soon!

Above photo is Tanya, Kelly and me – you can see more photos at Huggies’ Facebook page and while you’re at it take a look at the footage from the hilarious Little Bundle of Laughs evening at their YouTube channel.